Friday, 30 July 2010

Haiku My Heart

I found out today
That the pavement is slightly
Closer than you think

This little paper torso that I saw within minutes of leaving the house should have been a warning. Two minutes later I joined him on the ground! I tripped over nothing-and in front of two builders to make it even more embarassing! And it hurt! They did ask me if I was ok, but there was no gallant rushing to help me up! I fell over in the carpark in Rye yesterday too. When I was speaking to my Mum today, I was telling her about it and superstitiously wondering when the third fall would be. She told me to break a match-which was my Nan's advice. I must do it!

I got the bus to Woolwich to photograph the New Wine Church. The building is great-a former Odeon cinema, built in 1937 in art deco style. It had neon tubing on originally-can you imagine?! The church took it over in 2001-it had finally closed as a cinema in 1999. It has a huge nativity scene at Christmas which I will take a picture of this year. Usually I am driving past here so cannot take any photos. It is one of my favourite buildings in the area. I then walked home-40 minutes!

I have just been reading about the new wine church. One of their main beliefs is that everyone has a pre-ordained destiny, and finds fulfillment when they begin to walk in it. I quite like that idea-even if I don't believe that. I am pleased that this lovely building has got a worthwhile use.

Please visit Rebecca for more haikus. I must be off to tend to something quite strange which I will tell you about tomorrow! I am going to do a tutorial in fact, something I hardly ever feel qualified to do!


Linda Sue said...

Oh I wondered what "New Wine" was all about- at first i thought it was "New Whine" which could also work.
Perhaps you need a new pair of shoes- EARTH shoes that stick you upright at all times- Falling down is worrying!
HAHA my verification word is "tards" - new wine= tards....

Delphyne said...

Ouch!! Falling hurts - I know from experience. And the pavement is hard! Take care.

And I do love the haiku!

paper-n-soul said...

OUCH. Hope you are okay. Love both the verse and the photo, though, sorry you had to injure yourself – pride and all – to share it!


Leenie said...

Hehe. Laughing at Linda Sue's word verification. Hope you break a match soon to ward off more pavement rushing up to get you. I hate it when that happens.

I'm glad the lovely old art deco theater has a nice group to care for it. I wonder if they show movies during their services.

Robyn said...

New Wine? What an odd name for a church. I guess they'll attract curiousity with their title.

Sorry to read about your fall... that's nasty and I hope you don't do it again.

be well
take care
x Robyn

rochambeau said...

Hello friend.
So grateful to know you didn't break anything! REALLY~~~

The Wine Church? In an old Cinema?
Makes me smile~
Do they have a bar? If so,
lets go ahead and have a glass!

Here's a toast to all the beautiful things in life, like great health!!


rebecca said...

sarah dear....
oh do be well and careful! the part where you are airborne is incredibly freeing....but the impact part, very distressing.

thinking of you and sending my best.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The pavement
rises to greet me—
down I go!

Haiku My Heart…to the Clouds

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - my advice would have been to break a match!! Hope you're not too bruised from your encounter with the pavement. It's good to see old buildings being used- there are some super old mills in Hawick which are just rotting away - it's so sad th see them. Love, Anne x

KindredSpirit said...

I've photographed the nativty scene before - I find the life-size characters wonderfully ominous.

Anairam said...

Oh my! Why is it that falling or tripping makes one feel so foolish? And it is always so unfair when it is in front of other people ...
I loved seeing pictures of you in the earlier post! The haircut looks great - I wonder if l'Usband could have managed it? Mine is just short and straight - right below the ears, straight around. I am worried a bit as he gets older that failing eyesight might leave me looking a bit ridiculous. But anyway, just wanted to say that it is lovely now that I can put a face to you!

susanna said...

Another interesting post - although I'm sorry to hear about your falls. Did you pick up the torso, btw? Back to the New Wine Church...I hadn't heard of that...denomination before reading this post. I don't know if I like the idea of my life having a pre-determined destiny but I suppose there must be some positive, inspiring beliefs behind their faith.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear of your fall! I am glad that you weren't seriuosly hurt!

That is a beautiful building! That church sounds a lot like the Prmitive Baptist here in the US.

Bimbimbie said...

Oh that was a bit freaky finding that little torso and next thing you are on the ground too... I just hope the little torso hadn't undergone some sort of bizarre baptism from that New Wine Church, sounds like it should be a trendy night club*!*