Thursday, 24 February 2011


I decided to drive to Rye today for a browse around the junk shops. I am quite addicted to this and Rye is a good spot. The day started off well-I went up to the local shops to get something for breakfast-croissants and strawberries-eaten over the day in the car-so glad I bought them! The area where the shops are is called Blackheath Standard and is a kind of triangular roundabout-a triangabout I suppose. It has a beautiful display of crocuses (croccii?) which I wanted to take a picture of before they are over. Not great pictures but it gives the idea-they do look so pretty in reality.
Then I set out. For some strange reason I went a different way to normal-thinking it would be more direct, but forgetting that going through a large town-Maidstone-would mean traffic queues. I needed the loo so had to stop in Maidstone, and the only parking space in the carpark was in the car cleaning spaces so the car got cleaned. There is not much point to this particularly uninteresting tale, apart from that was how I ended up in a large department store waiting for the car to be done. These ladies leaning over the rail caught my eye-the headless state reminding me yet again of the Tudors, and also making me think it was a little pointless leaning over the rail as they could not see anything anyway! Purple and pink must be the colours for Spring attire. It then took me about two more hours to get to Rye-munching croissants and strawberries and wondering what posessed me.

I eventually arrived, and did enjoy the browsing. A few things were purchased, my favourite being this head. If you don't like dolls, or find them at all spooky, please look away now! This little head was hiding under a shelf, and I picked him up, then put him dowm and went all round the shop. I came back and found I couldn't leave him! Look at those ears and those sweet eyes. He reminds me of someone and I can't think who. (I've just realised-it's a young William Hague! I have bought a small plastic Tory!) He is now, officially, part of my collection of heads!
The cigar box is perfect for making a shrine for the Oaxaca Street Children Grass Roots benefit auction. For details visit Rebecca here.


snoopydog said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out! The head IS spooky. I think I would have left him ;-) Love the box though. Enjoy the rest of half-term. Ros

Tracy said...

Thank you for this lovely little outing, Sarah! Hubby & I have been wondering about Rye, hearing good things about it, we must at it to ou to-see list. :o) WONDERFUL box! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

rochambeau said...

Hello Sarah,
Thank you for taking me along on my first trip to Rye! Your treasures are grand! Especially, I can't wait to see your shrine come to life!


jabblog said...

The doll's head is very sweet and so obviously a boy - William Hague to the life:-)

Rattling On said...

Will you make him a body at all? Or at least a bobble hat!!

Anonymous said...

A wee Billy Hague doll - how wonderful! Of course you will have to make a baseball cap for him, after that ill-advised photo of him trying to look like a normal person!
The word verification is imwwmk .... if only it were a real word, it would be great for Scrabble!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Sounds like you had quite the adventure! I love seeing crocus in the Spring! :-)

Leenie said...

Fashionable ladies with no head--looking beautiful but with no brains or eyes to appreciate the remarkable store. Then a head looking for a body. Good thing you found him and took him home to get him together with the rest of him> That looks like a superb place to wander and shop. Looks like a good place to spend the day.

Torie Jayne said...

Great outing and such pretty crocus, Have a sweet day!

rebecca said...

sarah, love the cigar box!!
oh the anticipation of YOU!

thank you for so generously joining in to help so many others.

i am grateful and delighted.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! The crocuses are beautiful!

Dawn said...

Welcome to the Oaxaca Childrens' Shrine Auction this year! I also love thrifting and would have snapped up your little doll head in an instant! Too cute!

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