Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Here are the displays from last week in case you would like a look. This one is informational and interactive. It has two local stations-I drew them to fill up the space! The board is a funny shape and the children's work is the printed trains and train track lower down. In the short time available I got a bit creative. Khy made the card train at the bottom of the board. We have little puppets of the children-made with their photo and a drawing then laminated. These can be used anywhere they like but are kept here.

On the shelf are a selection of train books-we have been looking at lots of transport stories and books this term and the train set is very popular! The books have been looked at a lot this week. There is a number line with detachable numbered trains-it carries on round the shelf, across the door(to the boiler room!) and onto the window.
This is a board showing all the nursery staff-arranged alphabetically on the main board-it seemed the easiest way as I don't like a hierarchical view of all of us. On the other board is an explanation sheet of everyone's roles.
Display three. The children are building in the block area and there are quotes of what they are saying. It shows their understanding and achievement, is good for conversation, self-esteem and re-visiting learning. It has the most beautiful double mounting you ever saw-though I say so myself! It is a bit of lucky chance that the colours are like building site warning tape! At the end is a group of photos of some tall buildings from around the world. Today Lilly talked about how she had seen one of the buildings(The Empire State Building) in 'Home Alone Two'.


Leenie said...

The room looks so bright and friendly. I'm guessing there were a lot of hours invested in that final result. You and your students do outstanding work. Makes me want to go for a train ride.

Linda Sue said...

Just arrived back at home- catching up on your posts- your little machine is so fabulous I almost cried- must check online and see if I can find one somewhere in this world- awesome ! Love to Love and I do LOVE your blog Sarah- every time!
The school is so lucky that you are there!

Elizabeth said...

Just came from Linda Sue!
Trains seem to be the theme of the day.
Gosh, and you've got pictures of buildings round here.
So when are you coming to visit?

jabblog said...

I love your displays - big and bright and bold. They are well worth all the hours of effort you put into them.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of work! When we were in the post office this morning, two women came in with two children. From their converstaion, we realised that they were nursery teachers/pupils. they were buying stamps as the children at the nursery were all going to send a postcard to their homes.

Sarah said...

Thanks! I would love to come and visit! That's sweet Anne-I have done that once with Reception children-it is a fun thing to do!

→lisa said...

What a great room! Your displays are so meticulously rendered.

And I really dig the graphic train tracks - like a retro subway map.

Lucky, lucky kids. They must have such an interesting time with you.

snoopydog said...

Wow! Your dispalys are fabulous. I don't think anyone who is not a teacher, can appreciate the time that it takes to get ready and mount each display. They look great! Ros

Anonymous said...

Your displays are very nice!