Thursday, 3 February 2011

Forest School Sun and a New Doll

Sun at Forest school. We were very happy!
I didn't know that daisies bloomed at this time of year.
The children loved the catkins from the alder tree with their wiggly worminess!
I am pleased to say that two out of three displays are finished, and the third is all ready to be stapled up in the morning. I am hoping to leave early tomorrow night. Tonight I left late again and then got stuck in traffic for over an hour!
Below is the start of a new doll. This one is for ADO's (Art Dolls Only-a group of doll artists I am a member of) travelling doll project. I am in a group of four other doll makers. We all start a doll, then send it off to the next person who does a bit more, and so on. I think that the doll you start comes back to you, but I am not sure! You also have to start a journal for your doll that is sent around with it. I decided to do a doll with a wire frame-it is an aim of mine to eventually make a doll who can stand up and thought I would try this way! I am going to wrap it in batting then make a covering for that. I have not done a doll this way before so hope it works. So far so good. I drew a sketch of the size I want the doll. Then I used the sketch to make the wire version the same size. It did stand up briefly!

I used my tall thin sketchbook.
There was not enough room for the feet,
hence the little sketch to the side.

These are the other artists in my group the Chic Chicks.
Laurence of Feltoohlala. She lives in Hungary and makes beautiful needle felted dolls and creatures.
Patricia of Papillon Bleu. She makes sweet cloth dolls who always have a story to tell!
Traceyanne McCartney of Jasmoon Butterfly. She makes beautiful cloth and clay dolls. I first 'met' Traceyanne in Suzi Blu's Ning group, then again in Jane Des Rosier's cloth and clay doll class. Traceyanne lives in London and Patricia somewhere nearby.


frayedattheedge said...

Good luck with the doll. It looks like a Blue Peter project (that's meant as a compliment!!)

jabblog said...

Your project sounds fascinating - a bit like 3D consequences - well, not really, but you know what I mean. I should think it's quite difficult to let something you've started be taken over by someone else, but really interesting nonetheless.
The sun makes such a difference to how everyone feels. I'm also always delighted to see daisies - there don't seem to be so many of them around these days.
Have a lovely weekend, Sarah:-)

Tracy said...

Your doll in progress is terrific, Sarah! I love the idea of a traveling doll project! Those signs of spring have my heart singing... I never saw daisies in bloom so early--wonderful sight! Happy Weekend :o) ((HUGS))

Liz said...

The doll project sounds really neat! I have mums that are starting to peak up out of the ground! I am so excited that it won't be too much longer until spring!

rebecca said...

do i ever leave without
amazement and awe???