Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Great Dixter

Last year I posted pictures of Great Dixter here and here. It is interesting to compare what I was doing in my garden at the time, and what was happening here. I was clearing up like this year, and destroying the ivy, finding bird nests and moths. I prefer this year! The visit was a week earlier but I think Spring has been warmer this year so things are much more advanced.

I went with Jenny, and we spent quite a lot of time sniffing tulips and some other flowers. I have noticed that orange and red shades of tulip often smell orangey, which was confirmed to an extent today. This tulip was curry scented!

Is this some kind of orchid? I have not seen these before. There were lots in the meadow.

This Magnolia smelt like barley sugar to me and sherbet to Jenny. It was delicious!

Raspberry ripple type tulips.

These red tulips with the forget-me-nots were my favourite colour combination today.

But this pale yellow, pale lilac, grey and pink came a pretty close second.

The Mulberry tree is such an old gnarly thing, I love it! I have eaten a few mulberries from it in the summer.

The magical hedges remind me of whirling dervishes.


Janine said...

Oh English gardens made of fairy dreams! One could definitely be sent into trance being there! At least it would send me into trance!

Linda Sue said...

WONDROUS! I was whelmed and now I am overwhelmed, how can it be so impossibly lovely there?
THANK YOU for brightening bloguniverse!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

WOW! Absolutely gorgeous, love the red and blue combination of the Tulips and forget me knots.

Spring is well and truly there.

frayedattheedge said...

I had a look in my wildflower book, and it could be and Early-purple Orchid. The tulips are fabulous. Isn't life grand when the sun shines!!

jabblog said...

Just lovely! The swathes of flowers are delightful - a feast for the eyes. It's wonderful when everything springs to life.

Leenie said...

Sniffing flowers and finding food smells...they are mostly all edible. At least that is what I was told at a gardening class last night. Sugared rose petals, nasturtium radishes, etc. If those tulips and magnolia weren't so pretty they would certainly be food.

Thanks, thanks for the view of a most glorious spring. Brits know how to garden!

Rattling On said...

Lovely photos, I have lots of forget-me-not in the garden...very springlike.
Aren't the holidays wonderful this year?

snoopydog said...

Beautiful! Felt I was actually there! ;-) Ros

Liz said... beautiful! I love visiting places like that!