Monday, 11 April 2011

Colour and Cat

Blossom is such great stuff. Making pink and white trees and pink and white snow.

I was trying to emphasise the pinkness in this photo.
In my devastated garden things keep appearing in odd places. This Spring Green tulip sprung up in a pot. It made me think of a face with the two petal ears either side.
Lily in the unused compost bin. I am surprised none of the cats have sat in it before as it makes a good shelter from the rain or the sun.

I have done work today, and a little shopping and washing. Tomorrow I am finally going to finish the shrine and make donkey ears. I am also going to start the next stage of the garden. I will take off the tarpaulin which I hope has suppressed the rest of the weeds, and try to dig it over again and make it flat. Then I will look into trellises. Or through them! And camomile and gravel.


Leenie said...

Yes, that is my question. How do tulips travel? How do those bulbs end up in such a variety of places all over the garden?

Lily's new shelter is a good one. Just right for cats who want to be out of the wind but in the know.

Love the pink!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

It's Spring!! Blossoms and Tulips what more could you wish for.

Enjoy your gardening.

Anonymous said...

I love your tulip face - you always see arty possibilties in things! Good luck with the garden work!

Serenata said...

Your cat looks ever so content in his newly found abode. Love your imagination - definitely a face with ears! :-) Another lovely day today, hope you have a good one.

Anairam said...

The blossoms promise good times soon! You are always so busy, Sarah - and planning all kinds of projects - I do admire you having a full-time career and doing all your creative work as well. I think the more time I have the less I achieve. And frankly, when I am working on a (work) project, I find it difficult to do creative stuff. My brain kind of freezes into left-brain frozen fish fingers or something. See - I can't even think of a good analogy.

aimee said...

i like your little garden friend! hello!

Anonymous said...

That's crazy how flowers will "move". We had pansies pop up right in the middle of our grass. I am assuming seeds blew from the pot?

Yes, Farmville & Cityville are games on FaceBook. I admit that I have an addiction to both!