Sunday, 3 April 2011


This video is from the river yesterday lunchtime where we had a little walk after lunch. It is of a rusty boat scraping against a rusty moving jetty. It was making the most creepy screeching and grinding noises-brilliantly atmospheric! I suddenly thought of a new job for myself-a location locator for films or tv. Then I immediately thought of the practical difficulties of filming in this location-maybe not then! I have lots of photos to share later. It is a part of the river we have not been to for a long time. There are lots of derelict buildings and piles of rusting iron. While we were there it was well used-bemused looking tourists, an old lady walking her dog, a couple of cyclists and a couple of lone walkers. It is just along the river from the main part of Greenwich. I wonder if it will be done up for the Olympics. I kind of hope not.


Yiota said...

The screeching sound is a bit spooky!
I haven't said 'hello' for a while here. So 'hello'!

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent - you know that you have introduced me to the beauty of rust!!