Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Garden Toil

My plan for the garden is to make a chamomile lawn, and to have a trellis with something, possibly a grape vine, growing up it-to provide privacy from our upstairs neighbours. The garden is on three levels-just outside the back door is a little yard area-which recently has become a real mess. Then up the steps to a decking area. Then up two more steps to the rest of the garden. The decking and the top part are on a level with the windows of upstairs, so don't get as much use as we would like them to, as we feel overlooked. I mainly go up there to actually garden, rather than to relax. Since the tree went, and I had the upheaval of removing the fence, the ivy and trying to dig up the tree, and then the new fence done, the whole garden has changed a lot. My approach to gardening before was to buy things I fancied, not really plan and then it all went wrong! I didn't do much for two years which is when the ivy took over. The grass was never very good and the violets were out of hand. So, my new approach is to plan, and to have a more simple approach. In addition to the chamomile I would like a small selection of other fragrant things such as rosemary and lavender. These are before pictures, of yesterday morning when everywhere was still a mess. Yesterday was spent tidying and cleaning-like housework in the garden. Today was spent digging-weeds and grass-you have to remove all grass apparently-as it will compete and win with chamomile. I have visited the tip three times-with bags of soil and grass. Tomorrow I need to continue to remove weeds and grass, and then dig the whole thing over. I then need to order the chamomile-I found a site where you can order it in large quantities-they plant it now and send it off in about five weeks-so hopefully in time for half term. I also need to get some compost and sand to improve the soil left-I have only had to remove topsoil in a few areas as there was not much grass left anyway.
The tarpaulin did not do much to stop the weeds!
This area is staying as it is-the cats love to sit here and watch me work. I need to fix the guttering on the shed-well really I need a new shed but that will have to wait. In a dream world I would like a little studio up there-it would have big windows, be warm and cosy and spider free, and would have running water, electricity, and wireless internet! Maybe in a few years time!
The messy decking.


Leenie said...

You have really been busy! I remember some of your posts about the fence and the tree situation. Glad you're getting some sunny days and some time to enjoy them. Looking forward to seeing how your plans develop. I hope the cats appreciate your consideration for their viewing area. It looks like a fine one.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a camomile lawn. Hope you get to have your studio one day soon. When our new sewage system goes in, our front garden will be dug up, so we will have to sort that out - hopefully the shrubs will survive to be replanted.

Elizabeth said...

Isn't garden planning thrilling!
The ideas -- almost as much as the actuality.
My postage stamp sized garden in Herne Hill was the delight of my life.
Good luck!

Tracy said...

A camomile lawn... that sounds so poetic, Sarah! What a lovely idea... Your plan sounds like a good one though. Small spaces are such a challenge for gardeners. This year we're not doing much with our veggie patch, as we're tired of slaving over it for little harvest--the weather always seems to work against us here and the growing season so short... My dreams of a Country Living garden seem to escape me year after year... LOL! ;o) Do show us in-progress photos from time to time--would love to see. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

You have a lovely little area to work with. Isn't that unusual in London? I do hope your shed is high on the priority list- maybe you could get one already to go from someone who no longer wants it. That happens here quite a lot.
No gardening here for a long time- looking out this morning on about an inch of hail, dark sky and a temperature drop.
Your kitties have a very nice spy zone.

snoopydog said...

Wow! You've been really busy. How lovely to have a garden on three levels. You can have three different kinds of garden!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've worked hard on it! I don't blame you for wanting more privacy!