Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tea in a Strawberry Cup

Wisteria buds-I must have pruned it at the right time last year as it is flowering at the same time as everyone else's!
I like the way the Spring mainly starts off white, then moves onto yellow then blue. Pixie hat bluebell.
Voila! Swept and tidied. I still have some sorting of pots to do, but it is better than it was. I have kept three flower pots full of dead grass for the cats. Lily is using one here.
This doesn't look much but represents three days of work! I finished off by raking it and am proud! I deserved a pot of tea after all that digging and raking. I popped to Greenwich this morning to get some postcards to send to a friend's friend's children. The market is on Thursday and I do find it hard to resist. I was quite restrained, what with all the money I am about to spend on the garden, but this tea cup and saucer caught my eye.
It is so pretty and nice to hold with a strangely large handle.

I don't know how long it will last as I seem to be breaking a lot of things this week.

The price tag was tied on with this little ribbon.
This round window is lovely isn't it? I like the design and the way the light catches in different places in the triangular panes. It reminds me of a diagram I once produced as part of a management training session (when I was briefly in management!) representing people's different styles. It turned out the management team were all, with the exception of two people, people pleasers (as in this is their prime motivation) ''Good!' I thought.
A dark and dramatic print of some explorers.
A table of rather undignified dolls-not their fault of course.

Strange mixture of metalwork and baby dolls.
Great pirate chest!


Dawn Elliott said...

We're working on our garden, as much prep time is required...but therin lies the hope and anticipation! Your day looked productive and fun. Love the strawberry tea cup!

Tracy said...

Your garden is look neat as a pin, Sarah! ;o) LOVE the tea cup--so pretty and dainty... And the window is FABULOUS! Where did you see that? And very fun other treasures here... especially that pirate chest! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

jabblog said...

You have worked so hard, Sarah - your garden looks wonderful. I love the idea of a chamomile lawn but it wouldn't work here with three large dogs gallumphing round the garden. I'm sure your cats will love it!
We've pulled out loads of brambles and poisoned the roots but still have lots more to do - the thorns are vicious!
Our mint is emerging now and the rosemary is in flower - in fact, the whole garden is suddenly full of colour. I love it!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you for the felt Sarah, and the lovely card! It arrived this morning. i did manage to get some (I hijacked an Early Learning Centre finger-puppet kit!) but I will keep it for... next time?
See you tomorrow- excited about the donkey ears!

Leenie said...

A wonderful bit of gardening, Sarah. Yes, you deserve a break and a bit of shopping. I like how cat-friendly your place is.

The market looks like a great one to explore. I would need a lot of will-power to walk away from so many tempting items.

Serenata said...

You certainly did deserve that cup of tea and in such a pretty cup. The garden is looking great. Must do some more of mine this weekend.

snoopydog said...

Your holiday efforts are making me feel very lazy ;-) Great 'curio' shots. I love that pirate chest. Enjoy the hols. Ros

Dimple said...

The cup and saucer are lovely, just the thing for an afternoon break!

How considerate to leave some pots for the cats, I'm sure they are grateful.

Thanks for dropping by!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love the signs of Spring. And well done on the work you have put into the garden. Look forward to seeing your crop.

Rattling On said...

Looking forward to seeing the lawn when it's finished, it sounds lovely. My garden has been (and is ) very hard work as the previous owners neglected it. It's definitely a work in progress, but looks so much better with the sun out!!
PS I'm so jealous of your wisteria, they won't grow here...

Allegra Smith said...

Oh my dearest Sarah, that garden looks so full of promise. I am about to go out -in the rain yet-
to plant the window boxes. It has been the wettest of all March and April so far in recorded history here.
But what is a gardener to do? Things are ready to be planted and so they shall be. I am looking forward to see your plans for that very nice and black humus covered patch. How much sun do you get there during the day? I may have some suggestions if you would like some.

Hugs from here and I love the tea cup.

Paula said...

Don't you love it when your garden is all worked up and ready? The possibilities seem endless. It finally stopped raining yesterday long enough for me to get two of my flower beds cleaned up and ready. Just makes you feel happy!

Love the market photo's! So much fun to wander through~

Liz said...

I love wisteria! We had one at our old house and have considered buying again!

Your garden all raked and clean looks great! I can't wait to see what you do with it!