Saturday, 23 April 2011

One of my large tags with a half finished drawing of Cassie. Cassie has learned to do the cat flap! It has taken her a year but she did it. She got out inexplicably last week and we suddenly thought that maybe she went out the flap. We were worried she couldn't come in but she did, at speed, last Sunday, when being chased by a visiting cat! She looks very pleased with herself late at night when we want her to come in and she keeps sneaking out of the flap!

Some of my garden finds. One of the best things about digging is the little surprises in the soil-well this soil anyway. Though sometimes the cats leave me a little surprise which is not so good.

The leaves of my irises. Not all of them will flower I don't think but the leaves look so good in the sunshine.

Purpley-blue cerinthe and yellow dandelion.

Wooden lion-one of a pair from the market.

Pretty pink flowers that grow behind the pond and spread around beautifully.

I ordered my Chamomile last night and it will arrive around the end of May. I am excited! I have marked off the area it will go in and have been sieving the soil to remove the larger stones-and lots of glass. Sieving soil reminds me of panning for gold. The odd little piece of grass keeps pinging up, and when I remove it I find lots of roots underneath.


Gabbi said...

Cassie sounds adorable with her cat flap and your Chamomile plant sounds lovely! Will you be making fresh tea with it? Exciting... I might borrow the idea for my garden as well! :)

Linda Sue said...

Haha at first "cat flap" did not register- I thought it was some sort of singing that you teach your cats- Love your drawings- always inspiring!

Leenie said...

I was with Linda Sue on a ??? about the cat flap. Thought you were teaching Cassie to dance. But what freedom comes with a little learning, even for a kitty.

Your garden finds are so fun. Mostly I just find pebbles...not enough history in my dirt. Your drawing and painting are coming along nicely.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Looks like you have been very busy preparing your garden.

Cassie and the cat flap must be hilarious to watch.

Enjoy your weekend. Big event in your part of the world this week, we will be watching with interest here in NZ.

Tracy said...

So sweet... Cassie! Love seeing these glimpses from your sketchbook and garden, Sarah! Happy Easter :o) ((HUGS))

snoopydog said...

Hooray! Well done Cassie! Cute photo of her exploring the machine. Look forward to seeing your Chamomile lawn in situ. It reminds me of Mary Wesley's book, 'The Chamomile Lawn' that I read years ago. It was a really good read. Ros

Anonymous said...

That's great that Cassie has learned to use the cat flap. Love the tag with her on it!