Wednesday, 6 April 2011


It was so hot and sunny today but with a breeze-just lovely! This bumble bee is enjoying our crab apple blossom and we were enjoying watching the bee. I can't help thinking of this as a drowned garden. Not a very happy name I am afraid. This is the result of a little group of children and about ten minutes work. I didn't really see what they were doing until they had already picked all these flowers. I did have a word about the don't pick rule-mainly because I have to be seen to be consistent! I could understand their excitement though-it looks like a fairy's recipe or something! In many ways I do agree that rules are made to be broken!
When I left work I had to go to the shop to get juice for Forest School tomorrow-too hot for hot chocolate. I also got some chocolate bunnies so we can have a bunny hunt. I have the Easter Bunny ready in my bag to help! When I got home I had a tidy up and then decided to go out on another drawing trip as it was still so lovely. I ended up near Blackheath. I stopped to draw the tree just below, but also had a quick go at this beautiful house. I love that golden brickwork and the little balustrade on the right. (Isn't balustrade a great word?)
I re-did the middle chimney stack about three times in different places. I need to get the hang of measuring and comparing positions of things.
This tree is so intricate. I started to try to draw the main limbs and got muddled straight away. I liked doing the calligraphic type shapes of a few of the smaller branches. I think this is a tree you could draw forever and still see more parts.
It seemed to me an impossible tree.


Lori Saul said...

I have had trouble drawing trees as well- I have to start with simple shapes and work from there. One of these days I will try and take a proper drawing class- your pieces here are great- keep at it Sarah! Glad to see Spring is blossoming too!

Allegra Smith said...

I may be impossible but it looks quite fairy tale-ish from here that difficult tree and I do love the drawing of the building and I do love the word balustrade as well. I said something the other day in Spanish to a Spanish speaking person and he said I don't know what that means. I explained to him and he responded that it was a very old and antique word and no longer in use to which I said, I use it.

Isn't sad how some old words just fade away and yet they are so much more romantic and evocative than what is use today in 140 bits?

Love to you dear, I envy you the sunshine. We had hail and wind and a return to winter I am afraid.
Some of the buds in the fruit trees turned black. Sigh...

Leenie said...

The drowned garden was wonderful. A set of rules made to be broken at least once to celebrate warm weather and flowers. Children know how to enJOY.

Keep up the drawing. All your dedication is certain to improve the fine skills you already have. You have such great old architecture to work with there. Nice art on the house and the tree.

I've been working on an art project for hours. But it's not ready for a debut yet....

Lynne said...

The weather looks lovely.
I remember as a child picking flowers and adding them to water to make perfume.
I admire the way you take yourself off to draw. I admire your drawings. I can't draw, and it must be wonderful to be able to. Even an impossible tree!

Tracy said...

Hi, Sarah! I read that it was about 22 C at the Tower of London yesterday??!! Heatwave! ;o) Spring seems to finally, at last be visiting us here--although it's not too warm yet. But joy of joys, the first of our crocuses bloomed today! Love to see your sketching in progress... I've always liked sketching trees, thought they're not always the easiest things to draw. I think because I get lost in the branches. ;o) Happy Weekend ahead ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

More super drawings! It must be difficult being consistent with the children, when they have obviously enjoyed picking the flowers!

Yiota said...

We went on a school excursion last week and the children picked up wildflowers to plant them in the school yard. I couldn't bring myself round to telling them they want survive.
I like your sketches very much!

Elizabeth said...

I thought the children's flowers were very splendid indeed!

Yes, I can't draw trees for toffees --quite impossible
still wretched cold here

Shell said...

The crab apple blossoms here haven't begun blooming yet, I can't wait. They are so pretty. Having a Bunny Hunt with chocolate bunnies is yummy and fun.