Friday, 8 April 2011


Light-the opened apple blossom-it smelled delicious.

Dark-the dying Amaryllis. I expected the flowers that have died to feel papery but they were wet and a bit slimy feeling and gave off a deep red colour. I rubbed some on my journal and it has dried dark-like a red wine stain.
Life-the African snails laid eggs today-or one of them did.

They have been co-habiting for a week or two for this very purpose.
Death-bumble bee at Forest School yesterday.

It is good to be able to look so closely at one.
Morning-7.30-on the way to work.



Leenie said...

Nice set of opposites. I like how you even put the dying amaryllis to good use. The mom and dad snails are cool. Do they live at the school?
Both photos of the building would make great art subjects. I like how the shadows define the shapes. Have a good weekend!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love your take on the opposites, Amaryllis are beautiful but once they die off are a bit slimy.

Anonymous said...

i have to say... the snails totally grossed me out!

Rattling On said...

Our apple trees haven't even got leaves out yet properly! Such a difference (opposites even?) between where we live.
I like the snails, do the babies come out with tiny shells?

rebecca said...

i love your coming and going
your willingness to look beyond the surface and embrace the duality of life.

doing this....
you become as boundless as the sky.

Lynne said...

What a pretty photo of the apple blossom.
I hoovered up a dead bee yesterday, and too late I thought I should have taken a closer look at it.

KindredSpirit said...

urg urg you touched a bee!

Love the flowers

Anonymous said...

I love your opposites - except perhaps for the snails!!

snoopydog said...

Oh I just love apple blossom! Your phot conjours up memories of childhood games in an old deserted garden, close to my home, that we used to play in. Great shots! Hope you are enjoying the holidays! Ros

jabblog said...

The well-established apples trees round here are full of blossom - a delight for the eyes! Our apple trees are just showing buds - but we only planted them a year ago!
You are a truly creative person. Where I would have said, 'Ugh!' you rubbed the slime on your journal - I'm learning so much from you:-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The whole snail thing is cool! I wonder if any of those eggs will hatch? Keep us updated!