Thursday, 12 August 2010

Two Gardens

Great Dixter, interspersed with my garden. Great Dixter-Zinnias in the vegetable garden.
I visited yesterday and it was as beautiful as ever.
I think this pink tree is called a Smoke Bush.
I just love the fluffy quality and the warm pink colour.
It contrasts really well with the dark green topiary.
I have been continuing to tidy my garden, and one area that needed a big tidy was the small yard area outside the back door. This is the little garden table-rearranged and cleaned. It has a bonsai tree which was a present at the end of term, some organic beer (which was in a cardboard box left over from Andy's birthday) and a re-potted Aeonim. I can see it now as I type and it is still tidy! I have been pulling up my lovely curry plant this morning-it had become really woody at the bottom and was out of control. I have taken some cuttings though and also have a bunch of it in a jug on the worktop. It smells so delicious, and used to provide a good place to rest wet washing while hanging it on the line. It also means we have curry scented cats where they sit under it. So I will miss it, but need to re-think that part of the garden.
I couldn't believe the perfect stars on this seedhead at Great Dixter.
I wish I had picked one-as I think it was about to be pruned.
I also wish I had found out what the plant was.
Empty pots waiting to be cleaned and more thoughtfully filled than last time.
I am thinking of having pots full of those little spiky alpine type plants
which do not need much maintenance, and look good even in a drought.
I loved this cow parsely type plant.
The second nest I have found in the ivy.
This one has two sad little blue eggs which didn't make it into chicks.
The mulberries ripening at Great Dixter.


→lisa said...

Your patio table and chair look great! I wish I had a little outdoor space here...

The smoke bush is lovely, I don't think I've seen one of those before.

Anonymous said...

I can recommend alpines - very low maintenance! If you hadn't said, of course I would have thought that all the photos were of your garden .....

snoopydog said...

Gorgeous photos. Your little patio area is looking great. It's always really staisfying have a change around. I've spent the day churning out runbbish from kitchen! Have a great weekend. Ros

Leenie said...

I always enjoy views of gardens. I think that's one reason blogging is so fun. It makes us much more aware of the variety of climates and seasons around the world.

I had no idea that curry grew on a bush, or what mulberries looked like even though I have sung about them, "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush."

And the garden table outside the back door looks like a still life with those muted colors and soft light.

Anonymous said...

ooh i havent had mulberries for years! and yes, what perfect stars on that plant!

Linda Sue said...

I think that seed pod is called "extreme starry explosion", You should have nicked one for sure- next time...Your little table and the colours are adorable, sweet, welcoming. Curry scented cats....mmmmm, I'm hungry.

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS post, Sarah...your patio space is lovely! Those star-shaped seed head are amazing... The wonders of nature! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Sam said...

Mulberries! They are a rare treat indeed! What a gorgeous, gorgeous post! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, Sarah! I love smoke bushes! They are always so pretty! I love your patio table!

Lynne said...

Funny how you have the very chair I would like to put at the front of our house. I'd tried describing it to Mike so we could look for one on our travels. But I saw one in the village last night and now yours!