Sunday, 22 August 2010


How to make a better one-and the crucial final thing I didn't do-the bendy piece of paper! I can add it though. You might need to click on the photo to read the writing, though it is a pretty obvious process!

Little proto-type lady for ladies in dresses photographed in the box. I de-saturated this photo then added colour to the face. The pink and black outline makes her look 1950s to me, and like she is in a powder room. I have made loads more of the legs and am going to make some more little people later. The head is made from a cotton bead, attached with a button as an anchor. I drew the face with gel pens and coloured pencil.

Assorted collection of red and yellow objects, also photographed in the box.

I like the way the background is not distracting,

even if there are shadow lines from the edges of the box.


Tracy said...

Thank you for the light bot tutorial, Sarah! I have a make-shift one, but could do with a better box! For some of my jewelry photography I've been making a simple set in my dining room with large pieces/sheets of plain white card stock/poster board and it's been working pretty good. I like your photos at the bottom--the shadow lines add interest without distraction. Great work! :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

louloulovesbooks said...

I really like the slight shadows of the background, it adds a charm to what can look a bit sterile sometimes. I am always looking out for a good box for a light box. Must try harder!

Erratic Thoughts said...

Oh-my-goodly-god this is great.I m making this first thing I reach home.I just recieved a box o'things yesterday, so I have a box to start with:)
And I loved "her highness" a lot...what a sweet lil thing...
Thank you Sarah for sharing this:)

KindredSpirit said...

cool - i might try it!

EG Wow said...

Thank you for sharing your techniques.