Sunday, 15 August 2010

Isle of Sheep

The name Sheppey comes from the ancient Saxon word sceapige, meaning isle of sheep. This information is quoted directly from Wikipedia, but sounds likely. We were off to visit again today, as it is our nearest seaside place and we really like it. It seems so remote from London. It is actually the Thames estuary, but might as well be the sea. The water was very brown today, and there were big crashing waves and it was windy. Not cold though, just exhilarating. As usual I took lots of of photos-my computer picture files are a prime site for a bit of de-cluttering. Rusty metal, small brown birds, a marsh harrier (I think), and the waves.
Lichen on a stump, the bridge linking Sheppey to the world, small succulent reminiscent of the Petronus Towers, and a coconut shell-still with coconut in it.
A mermaid's purse, beach cafe coffee in a polystyrene cup,
and a dried fish.
A mermaid's purse is an egg case from a skate. I have just found this out-after knowing what they were called all these years, but thinking they were sea weed! I wish I had kept it. I am trying to limit my beach combing, but regret this one. It would be lovely to have the purse of a mermaid.
These flowers look like chamomile, but I am not sure, teasels, bird information. We saw a really big bird of prey which I think was a marsh harrier, then we saw a whole row of kestrels, hunting little creatures.
Below is a video of the coconut shell performing the role of a horse. I love this noise!


Robyn said...

thanks for sharing your outing... i have never heard of a mermaid's purse before and i'm off to follow the link.
At first for some reason it reminded me of a little bat.

Great shots.

Robyn said...

PS... i like the coconut clip clop too ;)

Sonia ;) said...

I didnt know the were the Mermaid purse always wondered that...Great mystery solved...scary I thought they were some shell not a egg. LOL...Love the photos as always.


Hey Harriet said...

I enjoyed the beach trip! I'm always collecting little trinkets from the beach also. I really need to stop! Have a great week ahead Sarah :)

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love your post, I would love a mermaids purse. As for the performance from the coconut shell..
very funny

Anonymous said...

My comment just vanished!! I said I enjoyed your clip clop perfomance, and at least you have your photos to look back at if you can't keep bringing your finds home!!

KindredSpirit said...

cool, i have just bought a book about a message in a bottle found in Sheppey. Looks like a real tearjerker!!!

Tracy said...

Very fun with the coconut, Sarah! And love the variety in these photos. Happy Day ((HUGS))

Rattling On said...

I wish we lived nearer the coast, such a lovely day out. I like it in winter best.
Also love your blue choir!!

jabblog said...

I like your mosaics. I didn't know the derivation of Sheppey's name - it's always nice to learn something new.
Clopping hooves - wonderful sound.

Linda Sue said...

your photos are fabulous!!! Love the clop of the coconut shell- Wonder how far it drifted to reach you.
This post is so delicious- loads to think about and savour.
I have never before seen a mermaids purse- at least you have it's photo.

Anonymous said...

I was raised on the NC coast and always saw those casings. I finally had to ask someone at an aquarium what they were. I think they are so neat! Looks like you had a great outing!