Friday, 6 August 2010

It is nice to be thought versatile and sunshiny!

The sunshine award is from Kat-from March! (Kat the poet) The Versatile Blogger award is from Anna-Maria, The Shopping Sherpa and is only from yesterday. (I first looked at Anna-Maria's blog in relation to dolls houses-she has a great collection of them-well worth a look. I continue to visit as she is creative and funny and yes,-versatile!)
Thanks to both of you and sorry to be so late with yours Kat.
I would like to hand these awards on to anyone who also feels either sunshiny or versatile today.
I find the handing on part increasingly hard and so have let myself off as this is my holiday and so should be stress free! Ha ha!

I have had a busy week-I seem to have to constantly do stuff in my holidays or a feeling of guilt overcomes me. The things may be good things such as making stuff, or not quite so good such as hacking ivy. Today I did actually read a book, with all three cats sitting around me for about an hour. I was almost relaxed! In fact I finished the book-"Wolf Hall", by Hilary Mantel-about Thomas Cromwell-fantastic! I am excited when I finish a book-at the possibility of what to read next.
Anyway, here are a few of the things from the week.
Above is a hasty sketch of my idea for my Grimm's Fairy tale doll. (For the ADO challenge)In the end I have gone for an old favourite-Little Red Riding Hood-or Little Red Cap as she is called in the old story.
Here are Little Red Cap and Granny, lying on a felty bed. I was trying to make them look suitably scared at finding themselves in a wolf's stomach.
The beginning of "Little Red Cap"
Looking through to my neighbour's garden. Look at how bowed the fence is. I am torn between getting in professionals-later in the year when I have saved up, or just trying to replace the panels myself. I don't know!
Random but cute Cassie picture.
Felty character-he looks like a Duke to me.
Felty Duchess for the Duke.

Preparation for wet felting, using the lovely Hebridean wool rolags.
The felt is for the wolf's body.
I am going to stop buying sheep's fleeces now-at least until I have run out!
They are addictive!
I have also been watching The Tudors. I have watched the first two seasons and have season three to watch next week. I am really enjoying it, but have finally got over my wish to use time travel to visit the court of Henry VIII. I would be too scared.


Mar said...

no i don't think visiting in time to henery the 8th would be a place to time travel to
that time period doesn't sound safe to me...
you have been quite busy!!!
dolls and challenges and more wool...
you totally deserved a moment with a book and the 3 kitties
a good relaxing adds for more to do's

Linda Sue said...

Oh, I so agree - have been watching the Tudors as well and WHOA! scary indeed. Cleaned up for television I am sure as Henry had festering sores that smelled of rot and he was so fat that he became infected in the rolls of chub...Delightful?
Love what you are felting- WONDERFUL! SO cool- and yes, you are correct as usual- wool is addictive- you can never have too much.Look at Dudley Spinner on ETSY- she has the BEST rovings in the universe.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Gosh you have been busy. At least you have managed to read a book.

Love the Duke and Duchess, they look like a "couple".

I enjoyed watching The Tudors, would be great to time travel to that era, but knowing my luck I would be dropped off at the tower and would see nothing but the sharp edge of an axe.

jabblog said...

Your days seem to be very busy - just keep telling yourself it IS your holiday!
I sympathise over the fence. It's cheaper to do it yourself, certainly, and you learn 'on the job' - but when will you next need those acquired skills?

KindredSpirit said...

love your felty figures - how on earth do you do that????!!!! Red cap looks great

Anonymous said...

My goodness, you have been busy! I've got wet-felting on the to-do list for next week - I hope it doesn't get bumped off! May I please have both awards - I'm feeling very bright and sunshiny now that I have had my scan, and after curtain and cushion making and knitting, I think I've been quite versatile!! Have a good weekend and continue to enjoy your holiday.
ps if you want advice on doing the fence yourself, just ask Malcolm!

snoopydog said...

The Duke and Duchess are magnificent! So full of character and 'upper classyness' :). Looking forward to seeing the wolf felted from the fleeces. I have to admit to busying as well. I think it's always hard to just stop once the holidays start. I'll stop in the last week and then complain that I need more holiday ;). I must read 'Wolf Hall'. I think I'll take it up to Pickering when we go next week. Ros

Bimbimbie said...

Haha I think I'd be looking very similar if I found myself inside a wolf, great expressions*!*

Shell said...

I love your Felt nobles, they are cute.
I love the Tudors, that show is addictive. I cried a bit at the end of the last show. Yes, I got really into as you can see.
There is no way in heck I want to be at court. Too many people losing their heads.

Rattling On said...

Love the Little Red Cap and Granny drawings, and the blog banner.

Relyn said...

I really enjoy all the peeks you give us into your art. You have so much talent.

Paula said...

I do believe that your red riding hood does look properly frightened of being in that wolf's stomach. I'd be scared to visit Henry also. There seems to be a lot of scary things going on in this post!