Friday, 13 August 2010

Once Upon A Time....

...a big bad wolf (that had not been made yet because its creator underestimated the amount of felt needed to do so) was being very threatening towards Little Red Cap and her Granny. They hid in the big drawer with the book pages that reminded them of story books, and looked scared. They were so frightened that their hair became wild and sprang from their heads.
Granny held Little Red Cap's hand.
I finished these two yesterday. Then I had fun playing with the photos of them cowering.
Am I heartless? Probably.
They remind me of melodramas from the 30s, or vampire films like Nosferatu.
I made the arms from wire covered in batting, then sewed felt hands on the end. Then I made a little tabard for the dress and sewed it on. The skirt was just a gathered rectangle and I rolled a piece of batting up instead of making legs.
I neatened the bottom of the batting with a circle of felt.
The faces are not subtly painted-more like stage make-up!
This is a link for me-so I don't lose it. Don't look at it unless you have a great interest in cat gynaecology! Cassie has developed a lump where the scar from her operation is and I was looking up possible causes. If it doesn't go by Monday I am going to have to go back to the vets again! I feel like I am never away from the place!


Linda Sue said...

poor Cassie, another visit to the vet is not going to endear her to you is it? But a lump does not sound good...LOVE your terrified people! EXCELLENT!! Their hair is awesome indeed! LOVE!

Leenie said...

Those are wonderful figures!! As you say--so much like old movies with lots of drama and heavy makeup. Isn't it fun to make little "people" and watch them come alive in your hands. Almost without knowing how it happens they develop personalities and characteristics all their own.

I once made three little witches using carved apples for their heads. As the apples dried they became their own person.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Your figures do look like they are from an lold movie.

Poor Cassie, hope all goes well with her.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous dolls - their makeup is wonderful!! I'm looking forward to seeing the wolf. Hope Cassie is ok, poor little thing!

Mar said...

they are awesome!!!!! you have so captured them!
when i spied them...immmediately i got chill bumps
they are that good!

jabblog said...

Poor Cassie! I hope it's soon resolved. Sometimes fluid accumulates under a scar - can't remember the medical term. Usually rest allows it to be resorbed by the body.(One of our visiting dogs has just had this!)
Your little dolls are so expressive - the horror in their eyes is almost tangible!

Elizabeth said...

Was going to ask if you knew Linda Sue!!!
Happy weekend

Sam said...

Utterly charming Sarah! :0)

KindredSpirit said...

Fatastic dolls Sarah! Love the B&W pic. Brill!

Anonymous said...

I hope nothing is seriously wrong with Cassie. It almost sounds like scar tissue that can build up but I would definitely have it checked out. Your dolls are so cute!