Sunday, 15 August 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday and Journal Pages

I have done some shelf de-cluttering, and as I continued last week, this shadow profile suddenly appeared, made by a pile of books. It makes me think of either Elvis, or Michaelangelo's David. Can you see them?! For more shadows from around the world, visit HeyHarriet here.
I keep seeing round ladies wearing colourful dresses, and I want to make dolls of them! So I have done a few tiny sketches as a start.

This page was to use up paint on my palette rather than throw it away. It turned into what looks like a choir. I added their faces in photoshop.
Another page using up left over paint. I drew the leaves on the right, then made a stamp of them and covered the painting. They look like Greek ladies from a classical play I think. Happy doodling!
Below is neither shadows or journal pages, but is a photo from the top of the ladder I was up yesterday-yes-you guessed it, cuting ivy. I have removed another fence panel and ordered new ones, posts and gravel boards from Band Q yesterday so I feel most proud of myself. I also dragged 5 bags of ballast on a trolley across the carpark which nearly defeated me but not quite!A trip to the tip yesterday and one this morning, and the end of the clearing is in sight!


Anonymous said...

shadows are like clouds, arent they? you can just let your imagination run riot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
a) good shadow shot - yes I saw it as a person (at first I thought it was ypour shadow!!)
b) I love your 'doodling' .... which is so much better than my best efforts
c) well done on the fence ordering! We girls can do these 'male' things when we have to!!
Love, Anne

Leenie said...

It seems we spend more time de-cluttering, moving and cleaning all the stuff we gather to improve our lives that we actually use the stuff to improve.

Liked your version of "David" and the view from your ladder. Glad you survived the yard work and took time to use your paints.

I find the doodling I do to use up the left-overs often is much better than the project. The pressure is off and the brush takes over.

Sonia ;) said...

Love the photos and work sweetie. Looks amazing not a shock coming from you...Wanted to stop in and say Ol'a.


KindredSpirit said...

lovely stamping effect! Like your fat ladies too. very colourful. there are a few of them up here in Whitby!

Hey Harriet said...

That's a cool shadow shot and I love those little ladies!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

So artistic, dear friend.

TY for coming at my place. AM so glad that you don't forget who is "Chie" is §;-)


Anonymous said...

Love your drawings!