Saturday, 30 October 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

I have not taken part in this for ages and have missed it. I never seemed to have a shadow to show, or not on a Sunday anyway! I did catch a couple in Rome-this one inside the Colosseum-I liked the brick patterns. This is a shot taken this morning when it was really sunny here. It is of my lovely present from Anne and Malcolm-made by Malcolm from beachcombed finds.

This is my shadow on the giant paving slabs under the Arch of Constantine. They are huge and beautifully smoothly worn. It is interesting that the Arc de Triomphe and Marble Arch are inspired by this arch. Amongst other things-info right at the end of the wikipedia article. At least this one has not got cars whizzing around it!

For other shadows around the world, visit Tracy here.


Ralph said...

I like this look of Rome. What is amazing, in the materials/building sense is the quality that allows all these structures to stand millennia later. Built to last and endure the weather, that is quality!

The photo artist stands out quite nicely, too!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I'm with Ralph, great shots of Rome.

All that splendour and architecture along with great shadows.

Lookd forward to more.

Love the beachcombing present too

Lynne said...

Love the shadow shots what lovely useful presents. I love that they are made from finds from the beach. How talented he is, they both are!

Hey Harriet said...

I love your shadows from Rome Sarah! And the gift from Anne and Malcolm sure is gorgeous! Quite the talented chap is Malcolm!

Have a great week :)

jabblog said...

Just been catching up with your holiday - how lovely! I can almost feel the smooth paving stones under the arch.

Eden said...

Beautiful shadow shots. Love all your photos.

Gallery Juana said...

shadows from two parts of the world .... lucky you!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I love the shadow on the great big cobbles! :-)

→lisa said...

Lovely Roman shadows. I love the stone paving! I wonder how many twisted ankles it produces each year?

((Oh, Sarah....I still owe you the beach combing photos, don't I? Sorry, it completely slipped my mind!))