Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Seeds and Sunset

Only one sunflower head is left at school-the others were pulled up early in September when over zealous weeding took place. S. and L. pointed out that the seeds were falling out of it, so we planted some around the garden. I love sunflowers and they seem to grow quite well in the nursery garden-it is open and so does get a lot of sun. We have been planting daffodil bulbs this week, and later will plant some more in wellies hung from the fence. Then it will be tulips in November. I like bulbs-they are pretty easy and mainly reliable.

There was a beautiful sunset last night at about six when I was on the way home. I only managed this one photo when at the traffic lights.
I have enjoyed watching the Chilean miners being brought up from the ground today-really moving.
Here is a link to the Johnny Depp visit to a London primary school the other day-not mine Lynne! He visited in response to a letter from a pupil about how she needed his help to rebel against her teachers! His visit was only announced to the school ten minutes before. Imagine the excitement! He turned up in full Jack Sparrow dress, and role. One of the most fun days I ever had as a teacher was a few years ago when I was in role as a pirate all day! I was Captain Wallis, as Miss Wallis had been called away.


Janine said...

Lovely shots!

Lori Saul said...

The sunflower photos are just stunning - I especially like the black and white. You have a painter's eye when taking shots. Wonderful art Sarah!

Tracy said...

LOVE what you're doing with photos these days, Sarah--such wonderful textures! Love the light in that last photo--so dreamy... I was crying over the newspapers this morning, reading the news about the Chilean miners...bit of a miracle that! Such FUN about Johnny Depp...*swoon* ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Mar said...

i love sunflowers!!! one of my favorite flowers!

johnny depp...i like him too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the sunflowers, but I guess Norway doesn't offer the best conditiones. We had only one this year, and treated it like a queen! Your photos are like paintings, beautiful!

Leenie said...

Great photo of a gorgeous sunset. I'm glad you had your camera for at least one shot.

Sunflowers are such a good illustration of the Fibonacci numbers 0,1,1,2,3,5,8--etc. in nature. It is one way that art and math work together very well.

Have you told your students about Fibonacciand the Golden Ratio? There is plenty about it on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Super photos! I would gladly go back to school if I thought Johnny Depp would visit!!

Lynne said...

I came by the other day and had to dash off before leaving a comment.
I thought 'shame' after reading that it wasn't your school he visited. Maybe next time, you'll just have to prime the children somehow.
The birds feasted on my sunflower seeds.

Anonymous said...

I love sunflowers too and have considered planting them in one of our flower beds. I have heard that they are great natural bird feeders.