Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mud, Market,

I needed to look for a copy of the three bears-we have a few at school, but I want a new one. This provided the perfect excuse for a trip to Greenwich and all photo opportunities that this incurs. We parked next to the park, and walked past some lovely houses on our way into the centre. I found a kind of modern, jazzy copy of the book, where mother bear makes chilli rather than porridge. The rest of the story followed the traditional lines though!

This is the sad state of the old second hand market, that has now been knocked down to make way for who knows what?
We were excited to see a film being made in Greenwich today. Everything was wrapped in tight security, though we could spot some extras through the fencing. We had no idea what the film was, but whatever it was, the film company had hired the whole of the naval college site, which is often used for films. The last one I saw a glimpse of was Sherlock Holmes, and the one before that was The Duchess. For The Duchess there was a whole street scene, complete with market and about 200 extras. I could catch glimpses of the carriage and possibly Keira Knightley inside. In the film the scene lasted for about a minute! All that preparation and then such a short part of the film-the wedding scene-if you have seen it. No wonder films cost so much!
I found out the film through google-Pirates of the Caribbean. So Mr Depp is in town!

A worn angel.


Strange mushrooms near the market.
Beautifully arranged vintage stall.
Things for ladies.

The mud is what I paddled in when I came home. It was raining but I put on my waterproof trousers and jacket and went out there anyway. I put ballast along the gravel boards at the bottom of the fence (A French Drain is the exotic sounding name for this messy operation) I am supposed to leave that uncovered so that water can drain away.
Then, I tried my best to move the earth back to where it used to be, and have roughed out a border area, and tried to flatten the rest. next weekend is time to remove debris, and the following weekend I will turf it, if turf is still available. I got very, very dirty doing all of this!


jabblog said...

Aww, Sarah, you work so hard! I was interested to see the American money system at work . . .
Did you find a copy of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?
As for locations - who could fail to love Greenwich?

Ned Trifle said...

Love that photo of the extras, Sarah!

Janine said...

Strange mushrooms? Isn't that a fairy ring?

Love your pics! Especially that first one with the flowers and the fence!

Allegra Smith said...

Oh Sarah what an adventure! I love the little French tin with the Quimper figures. We had several in different sizes and I have no idea where they are! When we moved nearly 12 years ago we put a lot of things in storage. Sadly they are some still in boxes and we will be getting rid of them in the near future. Obviously something not used in 10 years is not needed.

Thank you again for being such a good and faithful friend. It is a joy to hear your voice when you come to visit and I want you to know how much we both appreciate your presence. Hugs from here.

PS: The Imelda in me love the pink shoes as well :)

KindredSpirit said...

yeah i saw they were filming that at GReenwich in the Standard. I am so sad to see the market in that state.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous day - except of course for getting so wet and muddy. You deserve a big tick and a gold star for working so hard ..... I don't suppose teachers are allowed a tin of sweets for an extra award any more!!

Leenie said...

Fine views of your world, Sarah. The treatment of the first with all the pinks of flower and wall is superb.

How exciting to be near the filming of a movie. And cool that where you live just looks like a vintage movie set.

Good luck on your earth moving and turfing. Wish there had been pics of you after all that work in the dirt. :D

snoopydog said...

Hmmm! I don't envy you the muddy sloshing about in the garden!!!! I do like the photos though, especially the tins and the vintage 'ladies stuff' complete with beautiful Pelham puppet. I still have two from my own childhood, carefully hidden away in my wardrobe. I just LOVE them! Hope you have a fun week. Ros

rochambeau said...

Thank you for the tour! Especially I like the marionette!! She's cute. Also the sneaky photo of the movie actors is intriguing and nice!!
Happy Sunday Sarah~
I finally made it!

Lynne said...

I like the idea of chilli. I just found out that there is a place in the solar system known as the Goldilocks Zone, but perhaps you knew that. I love fairy tales.
Loved the tins at the market, and how exciting to be having a film made near by. We went to a market today, but not as exciting as yours. I'm just waiting for the photos to upload.
It sounds as though you had some strenuous work to do when you got home. Be nice to see it when it is finished.