Thursday, 28 October 2010

Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Random scan of a photo of my doll Julie to go with the random number generator draw! She had records that you put in her back, and you pressed her belly button to make her talk. She could walk-kind of-with a bit of help.

Hi, just popping in to do the draw for the 'This is London' Book

And the winner is!!-

True Random Number Generator


Number 21 is Liz! I will send the book tomorrow Liz if you let me have your address today!
I am currently trying to work-doing my books on the children-commenting on the photos and work I have stuck in so far. I am on book number 12 but Cassie has come along and sat on the page so I cannot carry on. So instead I thought I would do the draw. I am craving a glass of wine and may just have one once I have put my work away! Back later hopefully with pictures or ramblings or both!


Lynne said...

Congratulations to Liz!
I think Cassie has the right idea.

Leenie said...

I admit I remember the doll. Was it a Chatty Kathy? Or one of her friends. Yours is in fine condition. Fun to remember those toys. Congrats to Liz!

snoopydog said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner. I remember those dolls too! I've just filled my wine glass to the top, having just driven down from Manchester..... five and a half hours; I deserve a large glass or two. Hope you are enjoying half-term. Ros

Liz said...

Thanks again Sarah!

Love the doll! I always liked the ones that actually did something!