Thursday, 21 October 2010

Morning Glory

7.45 brings beautiful light to the autumn tree in Forest School.
7.50 brings me a fallen rose.

10.45 brings the sun back out from behind the tower to warm up the playground again.

Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes. They made me smile.


Linda Sue said...

Sarah- LOVE your header!
The book recommend has been one of my favorites for years! I think that I have purchased it about 12 times, always giving it away to worthy persons.LOVE that book! Of course you would too! Simpatico!

Leenie said...

Yes the header has a lot of deep emotion. And I like how the sun is positioned just behind the tower to cast a long, long shadow and tell you winter is coming. I wish for you another sunny day.

rebecca said...

sarah...i have been away from computers and home. trying to catch up and here i am with belated birthday wishes and the pure delight of the beauty of you!

Anonymous said...

A very striking header .... one day I will learn how to change mine! Super photos of your day - I love the sun coming out from behind the tower block.

Di said...

Sarah, so sorry I missed your birthday :( Happy, happy belated wishes from me! Love your new header. Very arty and strong. And your photos are beautiful. Really love the fallen rose. Poignant somehow. Hope you are well. x