Thursday, 14 October 2010

Magic Lanterns

The bottom photo is more or less unaltered. The other three are quite altered! I am seriously addicted to textures and blending modes! I think it is a harmless addiction-even though I can end up losing time, at other times results are surprisingly quick. I seem to go through phases with photo shop, doing one thing exhaustively and then finding another. I am like that with all my interests I think-am I fickle? Maybe. I do come back to things. At the moment felting has been abandoned in favour of photos-mainly because of time and work. I did try to start something the other night and my heart was not in it. Ah well!
These lanterns are from last year-around this time. They stayed orange for a long time, until I hung them outside, when they rapidly faded. A few fell to the ground and I have been watching them over the last few weeks as they become skeletons. I finally picked them up tonight to take a few pictures. I have put a few more in the same spot to see if they change too. The ones hanging up have not done this. I think damp must have had something to do with it in a corner on the ground.
I am missing time to visit blogs and am intending to have a catch up on Saturday. See you then if not before!


Leenie said...

What you've done with the little lantern photos is amazing. It looks like the addiction is a very good one. Plenty of skills gained while having fun. I can't even choose a favorite. Well done!

Robyn said...

Time well spent on your photos as they are looking fantastic.

Happy creating :)

Janine said...

Oh I love these!

M.Kate said...

Very creative and looks great to me :)

Mar said...

i think i have this
stuff too sometimes
and photoshop IS an addiction
i share this with you as well...
kindred spirits

Anonymous said...

I think it's just as well I haven't taken up photoshop, or I would never get anything done! Glad the parcel arrived safely!

Linda Sue said...

The little lanterns are my favorite fall thing and you have done a fine job with them! Especially loving the first photo- would make a great book cover! Sort of mysterious, lacy, weathered...very good!
I hope that life slows down a bit for you- too much is too much-
LOVE xxxooo

Lynne said...

Lovely lanterns. I am not familiar with photoshop, although I have heard of it.

→lisa said...

Just lovely, Sarah!