Thursday, 28 October 2010

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Our holiday started at this cafe, which was just opposite our apartment. It was so lucky, as we were early and the man with the keys was late. Where the buskers are standing is our front door! Delicious Margarita pizza! It is the perfect excuse to eat pizza, being in Rome!

Once we had the keys, and while waiting for Antony, we went for a little walk.

I love this graffiti. Not very professionally executed, but the message is good.

Later this graffiti man caught my eye.
He was opposite another cafe.
We were lucky to be staying very centrally,
and so there were lots of little places to eat and drink.

I don't know what this notice says, apart from the obvious word. Perhaps it says,
Be very careful when crossing the roads.
To cross them at all, even when there are crossing signs,
You have to force your way out.
Force your way out.
Keep eye contact with the drivers at all times.
Good luck softy English tourist!'
The people we met were all so friendly. But not the ones behind the wheel of a car! In the few very thrilling taxi rides we had, I noticed a habit in the Roman driver of making their own lanes. Where there is no lane, there shall be one! Vrrrooommm!
I do love seeing different driving habits.
It is kind of a boring obsession of mine, along with police driving programmes.

Our street, the Via del Boschetto, in the early morning, before setting off for the Colosseum.
I used a photo of the beautiful ochre painted and weathered wall opposite, as the texture.

This is our view from the cafe where we had breakfast. It had a great view of the Colosseum and the start of the Palatine Hill. We visited the Colosseum, but not the Palatine Hill or the Forum, so I definitely need to go back!

This building was what inspired our trip-Antony was up one weekend and we watched a great programme on the discovery channel all about it.


Sonia ;) said...

Oh I am loving this trip Sarah...yay trips with sarah are always my favorite.


femminismo said...

Lucky you to be traveling in Rome. Great street scene. Love the rustic color of the buildings!

Leenie said...

How amazing to see such sites! Thanks for the peek through your camera.

Anonymous said...

I love the postcard - I will have to find a frame for it! Now I've seen your photos, I definitely want to go to Rome .... I will just have to persuade Malcolm!

Tracy said... wonderful, Sarah! Just loving all your "postcards" from the city...*sigh*... Looks/sounds like you had a marvelous time. Hubby & I have Rome on our "must-see" list too. :o) That graffiti's message is great for a daily life reminder...hhhmmm... Thank you for sharing! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Candace said...

I am so enjoying the posts, and this one is fantastic. Gorgeous photos! You are so so good with the lens.
Haven't been to Italy yet, but I promise to be there one day. Hopefully I will find the appropriate graffiti message, as well!

Lynne said...

What a great post. It really does give a flavour of you holiday. Looks like a fab time.

Gabbi said...

Amazing city and share Sarah! Wish I was there right now...

Di said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so excited about your trip to Rome. It looks amazing. Steve and I are going to Italy next year for a couple of weeks. I've never been but Steve has and says he's been dying to take me there since we met. We'll be going to Rome too. Love your photos. So arty as always. Inspiring x

Kat Mortensen said...

Finally getting to tour Roma with you. Margherita pizza is my favourite - how cool was that to have buskers right outside your door!

I love that photo of your street and your treatment of it. It is stunning!


Anonymous said...

Rome looks beautiful! I would love to visit someday!