Saturday, 9 October 2010

Friday Story

Misty morning drive to Charlton football ground, rather than work, to attend the early years conference for Greenwich. The morning speaker was really interesting and inspiring, the afternoon less so.
Evening-travelled to Bank station. This is The Royal Exchange. It is in The City. I like this area. It is really strange-it reminds me of a film set. Andy doesn't like it, and pointed out that there is hardly any green there-it is very much just buildings. There is some greenery around St Paul's I think. We walked along Poultry, Cheapside and Newgate Street, to get to Smithfield where we met in The Distillers pub.

My friend Lorna decided to go to a Karaoke club for her birthday! Here she is, in blurry profile, singing along to Joy Division. My only previous experience of Karaoke is in the police station where my brother worked, when he was in the police. I sang 99 Red Balloons, quite well I thought, with Andy and Antony. Then me and my Mum had to sing a Kylie song which I really didn't know and she certainly didn't!. Most embarrassing! Other than that, it was on a boat pub in Surrey Quays, with very few customers, and certainly no one that wanted to sing in front of anyone else! So, the Karaoke box was a pleasant surprise. You get your own private room, with a screen, a massive songbook, and an easy to use computer screen to programme your songs. I sang along to everything I knew, and even took the microphone later in the evening after a few wines! It was such fun! I love singing, and to go on an evening out where singing is the main point-great! Kind of Victorian, in a weird modern way. I remember the karaoke part of Lost in Translation, and I didn't really understand where they were-but obviously they were in a karaoke box! What a great invention.
After lots of singing, we made our blurry way back to the tube at St Paul's.
Too much perspective.
American Werewolf in London. Luckily he wasn't there.

The weary karaokeers make their way home.

But they are not miserable and sad.
A burger with a view awaits them!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Great post, love the second shot, it does look a bit like a film set.

Sounds and looks like you had a good night.

Lynne said...

I quite like singing, but when you get told you sing out of key, then the enjoyment fades somewhat. So I don't think it would be a fun night for me, or more likely for those who would have to listen to me!
Looks like the underground was deserted when you headed off home. Particularly liked the shot of you on the underground.stashin

Sam said...

Oh London! *sigh*! It's my favourite city no doubt about it! I like that city scene - it looks like some extravagant set on a film!

As for Karaoke....shudder! Yes, I appreciate the olde worldy aspect of it but the thought of me singing - I really woudn't wish that on anyone! I usually end up miming and playing air guitar if I get dragged along.

Thank you for the link to that amazon book - will check it out!

KindredSpirit said...

we had a friend who also did that recently. i also had not been in a karoke box - i was surprised how much I sang!!!

kendalee said...

Brilliant! It sounds like such a fun time, from beginning to end. I've never sung karaoke and cannot imagine I ever will. I cannot carry a tune - at all. Although that doesn't stop me when I'm alone, belting it out! Haven't had the neighbours banging on the ceiling yet :)

Leenie said...

Fun Friday story! Thanks for taking photos and and audio to share with us. So different from where I live. Everything shiny and city.

Loved the escalator perspective shot. The tube is totally foreign to me. I've ridden on a subway just once.

Loved the karaoke. It sounds like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great evening! The first time I did karaoke was when we lived in Indonesia - the Eagles Hotel California! I'm just catching up after our holiday - love the scratchy photo of the garden!

Rattling On said...

My first karaoke song was Something Stupid (Sinatra). Very difficult but it was picked out of a hat. I love singing as well, and riding the underground at night!

snoopydog said...

Great photos! What a fab way to spend the evening. I love the shot of the Royal Exchange. I am always surprised by this area of London. It's teeming with life all week and almost dead on a Sunday or late in the evening. Yes, it is quite eerie. Glad your conference was, at least in part, good! Hope the week to come is equally good. Ros

Sonia ;) said...

How fun...I enjoyed that alot. LOL love the American Werewolf in London, reference. I remember that scene...Love the trips with your camera.