Sunday, 12 September 2010

Strange Happenings

A ballerina appeared on the mushrooms.

Three Phoenixes (phoenixes?) arose.

A Harpie appeared on the evil root of ivy.

The moon shone in the day.

After a long day of gardening, I had a snooze with Lily, and these words came into my head as I woke up..
"Today I touch a place where there could be words, and let the wild wood guide me."
I don't know what they mean but I like them!
Here's to a good week with no more strange happenings.


rebecca said...

seriously my darling....
i must not tarry long in my absence from the blog world...look where you have been....look where you are going!!!
and i want to share it all with you.
radiant sunday to you and yours.

Sonia ;) said...

Hmmm that was a mighty strange world for sure...You been hitting the pub early? LOL..loved it.


Leenie said...

Yes, something a little twisted and weird got into your Photoshop software. Letting the wild wood guide you has lead to adventure.

I didn't know ivy roots were evil. I hope their powers are kept in check as long as they are in the dirt. I have a potted ivy living in my kitchen.

frayedattheedge said...

Are you sure those mushrooms weren't magic ones that inspired all this?! I'm sitting here looking at my lovely ivy plant in the lounge - is it creeping nearer, ready to grab my ankle ..... Hope you have a good week - ours has got off to a wet and windy start!

Sam said...

I'm not sure what those words mean either but I like them too - they would make the good start to a poem? Love your collages - especially the ballerina - the harpie's a bit scary!! :0)

jabblog said...

I love the words, Sarah - that's your poetic spirit seeking an outlet.

Tracy said...

Garden magic... I like that! Such fun, Sarah... I love your creative spirit. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Candace said...

That's your heart talking to your brain! Great post and such fun images (LOOOOOVE the harpy!) you managed to capture on this magical mystery tour.
Thank you for your visit and the kind words! Take care, dear Sarah.
Candace x

Linda Sue said...

Your planetary header is FABULOUS! Here's an idea- how about you pop over for tea and you can show me how to photoshop and I can show you ...I don't know...something...Love what you are up to!

KindredSpirit said...

di you ask the ballerina what she was doing there?