Thursday, 2 September 2010


Just a few more pictures of the little ladies in dresses. The above photo is their little wire legs. After a bit of trial and error I found that a layer of normal masking tape, then one of fancy coloured tape, then a coat of matt medium worked well. I had fun in photoshop playing around with the portraits and like the way they turned out. The ladies have no names but are defined by their button hats!

Black and Silver hat.

Gold dome hat.

Gold hat.

Grey hat.

Today was good-the new children were quite happy-though it is early days and their parents are still there. The day whizzed by and I got quite a few jobs done.
The highlights were receiving a giveaway I won from The Shopping Sherpa, and a fantastic surprise parcel from a lovely friend. Pictures at the weekend!
There was a lowlight-if that is the correct term-it does for hair! Strangely it also involves Marks and Spencers. I treated myself to a salmon salad as a reward for going back to school(!) and for some reason tipped the little pot of dressing onto my plate first rather than pouring it over the salad. I am glad I did, as a little flash of silver and a wiggling, turned out to be a silverfish! In the pot of dressing! Yeuch! It was actually quite pretty, but obviously not in the context of being in my salad. I kept it in the little pot, and intend to take it into Marks and complain at the weekend. If I can be bothered. It is not really identifiable anymore as it is covered in dressing, but still, would I make it up?
I am hoping for a bland lunchtime tomorrow-not too much excitement! Off to felt an Adam now-more on that at a later date!


Leenie said...

Checked out the Mark and Spencers site and saw such tempting food. Then I read your post. Hmmm. Sounds like there was a slip tween the kitchen and the lip. That can't be something that happens often or this big company would be out of business fast.

Your little ladies look so sweet with their big eyes and all the soft effects. Have a great weekend.

jabblog said...

Yikes! Silverfish in the dressing - yuck! That has to be reported as M&S could be in BIG trouble. Ugh! Hope your meals tomorrow are less . . . lively!

Lori Saul said...

What lovely faces these little ladies have!

Sonia ;) said...

Lovely legs and hats there ladies...xoxoxoxox

Rattling On said...

We once had a Chinese takeway and I got a woodlouse in my rice. MrH drove back with the entire plateful to show them! Never went there again...

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Those ladies are just gorgeous.They have such great expressions on their faces

As for the silver fish...arghhh!!

Tracy said...

eeekkk... silverfish... sneaky little devils! They give me the creeps... And you got that from M & S... for shame! Hope that doesn't happen again. I'd be afraid to get the dressing again! But in other joy--LOVE how your dollie ladies are looking--especially that gold hat! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Sam said...

A real live silverfish in your dressing! I didn't think that sort of thing happened anymore!! If you took it along they might give you free food for a year or something like that!

Love, love your little ladies here - look forward to seeing the finshed pieces. Have a lovely weekend!

Abi said...

Hi sarah - thanks for stopping by - I think your photgraphy is great - I find it hard too. I would love to go on a course -
Hope you have a good weekend :O)

Linda Sue said...

Your ladies are stunning! Not only are they beautiful and well dressed they seem to be quite friendly.
silver fish in the dressing- more protein- really quite disgusting and I am glad you checked it out before pouring it all over your salad. Whew!

KindredSpirit said...


Love the ladies' hats!