Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Blur -phonebox, buggies and yellow wall.

C. only started yesterday and I have not had the chance to spend any time with her yet. I did see her in the garden today, carefully planting the flowers from bindweed and sprinkling soil into them. She smiled beautifully for her photo.

A. likes riding in the car. He needs help to not hit people. Today was his best day so far as he lasted till the end of his hour without hitting anyone, and also shared the car with no fuss. He also told me he loved me!

E. likes standing at the top of the slide and banging his plastic spoon on the bars to make a good sound. he likes the piano and the football.

J. likes his fire engine. Today he brought in a photo of himself with a red parrot on his shoulder and said it was when he 'had a parrot like a pirate'.


Karen said...

I know you said these are the kidlets in your class, but it looks to me like the beginning of a children's story book...or one for adults to remember how to explore with childlike enthusiasm & imagination! :>

Sam said...

These are gorgeous! Your class sounds like my FCE class I've just started teaching - although mine are 16 + years old! It must be super rewarding not to mention exhausting teaching little people.

P.S. I got your parcel yesterday (thank you!) but I've been so flat out I have not had a chance to open it yet - I'm saving it for Friday after school! Loved the huge British stamps on it too!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

What a great idea doing sketches of your students. And I love how you have done a description of their personalities.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of children - but how sad that Aliamin has to express himself through hitting people - I'm glad he is making progress already!

Robyn said...

i like blur... very beautiful and the drawing are very interesting.

Leenie said...

Very handsome young people and very clever. The days of classroom learning become a blur but each one is unique step.

Wondering if you are using a computer program or your artist skills to create these portraites.

jabblog said...

We had a little girl in our nursery who used to bite simply because she didn't have the language to express herself. I hope that's all it is with Aliamin - still, if he loves you already, he can't be bad!
Jayden sounds as though he's had some interesting times.

KindredSpirit said...

ha ha cool way to adhere to safeguarding guidelines!!

Erratic Thoughts said...

Who wouldn't love such a lovely teacher :)
I don't remember my teacher sketching me!
Banging a spoon on bars..hmmm sounds like my school-going version.I used to do this all the time...:D
I had a kid in my class who used to hit everyone for sheer fun and the entire class used to join him doing the same.:D
C has such an adorable smile :)
J's curly tresses are so cute.Looks like you've a l'il pirate there:)
They are such sweet kids:)