Friday, 24 September 2010


Grey today. British Museum inset day. Fun!

I love the way this is displayed-it is a hoard of silver which was buried in about 905, and found in 1840-in Cuerdale in Lancashire. The display's haphazard design is perfect for a hoard I think-as it tumbles out of its lead chest onto the ground.

Grey yesterday.
The white stripe across the grey was really long, but you get the idea in this photo.
One of my favourite colours, in lots of its many varieties.


Sonia ;) said...

Those photos were amazing...905? wow they look so new and a lil modern...amazing to think and see hitory like that.

xoxox Love grey also

KindredSpirit said...

Love the pics - you were lucky having an INSET at the British Museum - was it art based? The hoard is fascinating. Did you see the Staffordshire Hoard recently found? If not google it - it's fascinating!

kendalee said...

Grey's a colour that's grown on me. Never used to like it but increasingly do and your pics convince me even more so. British Museum's a great place for an inset day - sounds like fun!

Leenie said...

Nice grays. Silver gray is especially nice. Looking at the past is a great way to spend such a day.

Candace said...

I love grey! Used to wear it a lot esp in winter. I love these "finds" here and REALLY like that new banner! Those colours are exquisite.
Candace x