Saturday, 25 September 2010

Fenced In

My Dad and brother did a brilliant job putting up our new fence today. They used the tree stump to put a spur onto, as the met post was too stuck in the roots to be removed. Listen to me speak the builder speak-it only takes a little listening.

They were all done in four hours and then the cats had the chance to explore.

If you click and enlarge this photo you can see how cute Cassie looks hanging off the fence as she follows Lily.
Fence building is quite exhasuting you know.


rebecca said...

happy new fence!

Linda Sue said...

You built that fence just for the kitties- You are GOOD! I can see that they did become tired after all of that fence jumping action! Tuckered!

Candace said...

Great to see those kitties working so hard... say, Dad and the brother helped, too, I take it. Did Cassie "haz cheezburgers" after that fierce work?
Candace x

Rattling On said...

The cats look very cosy on their lovely retro cushions!

KindredSpirit said...

wow you garden suddenly looks huge! All that space now the tree is gone. you'll be able to use that top bit more. Fence looks great. Good having handy males in the family!

Sonia ;) said...

Love the style of fence yall chose..Looks wonderful..and the kitties loved it for sure.


Mar said...

it is exhausting
do you plan to decorate the fence???
looks like new walls to me.!

snoopydog said...

Such cute photos of the cats.They are so incredibly agile. I'm guessing Cassie managed to haul herself onto the top? They look so snuggly asleep amongst your very pretty cushions. Hope you have a good week. Ros

kendalee said...

Oh the curiosity of cats... so cute! Nice fence :o)

Anonymous said...

Your new fence looks great! The cats look like they are enjoying it too!