Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tiny Art

This is how beautiful it was at 8 this morning. View from my front door.

A tiny artwork won from The Shopping Sherpa from Ampersand Duck. Thanks Anna-Maria!
I love my shiny new table and juicy apple all the way from here. Thanks Linda Sue!
I am on the lookout for a tiny frame, for my print, though I might make one if I can get a small enough piece of glass.

Pop back tomorrow if you would like to see some amazing carved sponge cats.
The little white one in the house here is one example.
The little girl looks a bit peeved that the cat got the chair first, but that's cats!


KindredSpirit said...

WHat were you doing up at 8 on a Saturday!!!

Love the apple...... she does look peeved

The House of Lisa said...

Hi Sarah!

Great blog you have! Thanks for visiting my exhibition!
I love the apple!

Love Lisa

Anonymous said...

How lazy, only getting up at 8 - I was up at 6.30 to go to Harrogate (of course for a quilt show!) I love your little tiny things - but that cat needs to be reminded of its place, which is not on the chair!!

Linda Sue said...

WOW- you so scored! that Linda sue must really love you!

→lisa said...

gorgeous, all of it.

I like how you get a false sense of scale with the second photo, then the third reveals how tiny it all is.

Hey Harriet said...

What a collection of little cuties!

It does look lovely at 8am but still quite dark looking. Is the sun still rising? Although I can't imagine the sun still rising at 8am...

Gabbi said...

Beautiful view and I LOVE miniatures Sarah! I love the apple and the tiny chair especially... is that a cat or a throw on it?

Leenie said...

Yes, Linda Sue must really love you. She gives good gifts.

Christina said...

i was listening to the rain tonight, and i thought of you. : )
i am loving the view from your front door.

the little girl is my favorite.

Relyn said...

OH, very tiny. I love that you showed us the perspective that let us see their real size. Love it!