Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Journal Pages

I am missing painting and drawing, as I have had no time to do these at all recently, what with school and felting! All I have managed to do in my normal journal is to cut and stick pretty pictures, and occasionally add a bit of doodling. We have an overload of Sunday magazines given to us each week by Dee, our corner shop owning neighbour, and I can't bear to recycle them until I have cut out things that catch my eye. The first three pages are results of this. The alphabet is so pretty, the antlers were an accident of cutting out, and inspired the deer-and the letters lent themselves to writing DEER.
Beautiful Coco Chanel-the article was something to do with the war and collaboration but I have no facts and just cut the picture out. I didn't want to read anything bad about her, and think that was why I didn't read it really. If anyone out there has more facts good or bad, please enlighten me.
Fun evening spent tracing faces from magazines. I was going to make some kind of garland, but in the end stapled them in here.
The next three pictures are from a new journal I have started. You know how I love to beach comb, and a lot of my art over the years has been related to this, as well as a lot of the results of it being displayed or kept around the place. I have looked in vain for a good book on beach combing, can't find one, and so thought I would make my own. Not exactly sure how it will go yet, but I would like to collect beach combing experiences of others, so if anyone has anything to tell me, or pictures to share I would be very happy! Thank you to Angela in New Zealand who has kindly let me use her photo of a massive beached tree. (Although it obviously could not be combed-it comes within my own set of criteria-i.e. it was found at a beach!) When I put it in the book I will show you.
I think I will start a separate blog for this book-like the outside of Sarah one.

Photos from the blog-printed and taped in.
Pictures that relate to beaches-a small plastic diver on the packet of my Innocent lunch, and a collection of stones from a magazine.
The first page is a drawing of a small bone.


Leenie said...

You have a great collection of flotsam and jetsam. I really like how you work and think. Much better than blowing hours and hours with the tv zombies.

→lisa said...

What a treat to have access to so many magazines! I love seeing your journal pages, you're always coming up with something intriguing.

I have a jam jar with shells and stones from a trip to New Jersey (the infamous "Jersey shore"). It's just typical beach stuff.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Look forward to seeing your journal.
Love what you have done w ith the magazines

Anonymous said...

You have so much energy and creativity! Malcolm found some lovely pieces of wood when he was beachcombing recently - I must take a photo for you!

Tracy said...

I love your way of recycling those newspaper magazines, Sarah--making are with them! Great to be back online and catch up with you here. I'm very sorry not to have been able to meet up with you while in London just now. We literally hopped on a plane and made a couple days of it--a very patched & packed impromptu trip! Will do better planning next time. ;o) We had a FAB time! Just LOVE London...easily daydream of living there...*sigh*... Happy Days ((HUGS))

jabblog said...

You are just so creative. There can't be enough hours in the day to allow you to explore all your ideas.

Relyn said...

First, let me just say that I am extremely jealous that you have someone to give you magazines. I am a magazine junmkie! I also always love your journals - always.

My plan time is almost over and it's time to pick the class up from art. Before I do that, I wanted to invite you personally to join in a blog swap I am hosting. I think you would really enjoy it. Of course, I totally understand if that's not something you're interested in doing. Just wanted to let you know that I'd be thrilled if you would consider joining us. Sign up ends tomorrow. I hope the end of your week is marvelous.

Anairam said...

Aaaaargh - I typed a long comment and then I lost it all! Silly Blogger ... Anyway, I like the journal pages - lettering, Coco Chanel and beach combing are some of my favourite things too. Also love your faces! PS I am glad that the little book arrived safely - it is just a pity that the post card didn't get there. Rats. I immediately thought of you when I saw the little book - because it is a story about cats, and because the illustrations are so sweet. The story is a bit odd though - it ends very abruptly! I don't really think it is suitable for children, I wonder whether he wrote it for them or for adults?

Lynne said...

I look forward to seeing how your journal progresses. Unfortunately we live a long way from the sea at the moment!
What a good idea to trace faces from magazines. I love the way there are all in their own round cicle.

Lynne said...

Sorry, it must be getting late, I didn't check what I'd written and notice the spelling mistakes..