Friday, 17 September 2010

Peaceful Friday

Today was the first day that has seemed relatively peaceful.
We had some tears but no major traumas on anyone's part. Hurray! This weeping willow tree is one of my favourites. It is radically cut at times, and sometimes just given a light trim, as pictured here. It reminds me of a bob.
The star from my hastily constructed twinkle twinkle display.
It may be old, but children still love it!
I love the word 'twinkle', so like what it means, like 'clang'. I know there is a name for those words but can't remember it at the moment.
This is Almitra the seeress. She is excited as she is about to be shipped overseas. I took a last photo of her tonight and had another play with photoshop drawing.
I was flicking through the Tate magazine, and looking at the pictures in this article. I love the work by Douglas Gordon-scroll down the page a bit!
I found this shop with the lovely name of Be Happy Now.


Robyn said...

I love your 'twinkle' star... the face is absolutely beautiful.

wonderful images as always sarah...

have a lovely weekend and now I'm off to follow your links.

Linda Sue said...

Almitra looks a little bit anxious about travel...She might feel more comforted if you give her a bit of a sedative. Tell her about the new life she will have in a wonderful place called- Pacifica north twinkle...She will have friends when she arrives, and a bowl of fruit!
I clicked on the fabulous links and was fabulousized!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a better day to finish the week. Hope Almitra reaches her destination safe and sound!

jabblog said...

I can see why children would love your twinkle.
I just looked through your Etsy shop - I think you might find yourself quite busy. Perhaps you'll take commissions.

rebecca said...

the eyes of almitra have it!!
such a startling presence.
i enjoy you so much sarah...

Rattling On said...


snoopydog said...

Love the star! Lovely to think it'd been loved by lots and lots of little ones, over time. Almitra does look just a little concerned, but I'm sure she'll be going to a happy home. The photoshop 'play' is just lovely!!! Ros

Mar said...

this post is to the bottom of the page and i am still not caught up to where i left off the last visit
where have i been!
or you are just more busy than me

your dolls are adorable!