Saturday, 12 December 2009


Due to the internet letting me down at the last minute, I am late for a very important date. The lovely Vanessa's birthday and a secret party organised by Rhonda Roo!
Click on the pictures to see the birthday surprises. Happy (late) Birthday Vanessa! The white rabbit understands lateness!
The date I should have been there!

A gypsy caravan in Brugges-needs a little loving care Vanessa!
Cakes in the caravan!


Anonymous said...

Sara its worth the wait it is it is! Ohhh her lovely dolls, i mean your lovely dolls, oh you enchanting adoptress you!

i love the surprises and the little sparklies and bunnies are magical all the time!

Oh wait, its not MY birthday!@ LOL

It sure feels like it to see all the beautiful people expressing their creative and lovely gratitude like i feel too, about Vanessa the Elfin Fairy Princess Birthday Girl!

YAY for Veevala for being born!
YAY for you for celebrating!!

XOXOXO Rhonda Roo

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

sweet caravan cakes
tempting me seductively
on this party day

Anonymous said...

i want to eat cake... ((says me drooling over blogs before breakfast))

Hey Harriet said...

I think you were only a little bit late & I'm sure all is forgiven with the yummy looking cakes! I love the white bunny!

Anonymous said...

That was all good fun!! said...

I am coming to save the caravan, never fear ;) ;)

What a superb treat for me! I LOVE an afterparty, sometimes even more than the actual party ;) becasue by that time, your shoes are off anf you are ready to be crazy, or at leats, that is what happens to me ;)

You are a dear sweet and talented friend, beyond measure!

All my love, Vanessa THANK YOU for the trips with each photo. I love that little red and the wolf live with yoU!! xoxox

Poetikat said...

That butterfly cake reminds me of the recent Coronation Street episode where Eddie Windass tries to bribe Tina a David with his baking. (Recent to us; long ago to you, I'm sure.)

Anonymous said...

Yum! Those cakes look so good!