Monday, 28 December 2009

A Few Days

A few photos from the last few days-Christmas has come and gone again! This is Bertie, one of my Mum's cats (Bert and Ernie after the muppets) He and I had a battle for the chair he is on and he mainly won. He stares up into your eyes with a look of love.
Our Christmas day game. It is called 'Connect' and we have had it since we were children. It is a simple but strangely fun game where all you have to do is make connections with the underground map-like pieces. Usually everyone plays scrabble except me as I don't really like it(and am not very good at it!) but this year we played connect and then junior trivial pursuit-from the eighties-so very dated current affairs and sports.
On Boxing day we went to Antony's and had a walk into town which was really busy. This is an unusual lamp shade in his house-one of his drawings. I did a few doodly face drawings and then remembered this lamp and made them into candle shades. I have ordered some of those led tealights for a safe option though!
Antony is still in the process of clearing out the stuff from his house and I have relieved him of quite a lot of it. This tray was one I missed on our last visit-it is really 70s Christmassy I think. The counters were being thrown out at school and I rescued them.
On Sunday we went to my Dad's for lunch.
This is the view from the back of his house. I love the stark tree against the blue cloudy sky. This is Oskar. He belonged to the old man that Joan, Dad's wife, cared for for a long time. When he died, Joan and Dad adopted Oskar. He is a sweetie!
A deliciously scented hyacinth. I love these flowers.


Torie Jayne said...

Love the lampshades!
Hope you had a great Christmas! Wishing you all the best for 2010!x

Poetikat said...

I can see how you would let Bertie have the chair. He is gorgeous!
Connect looks like a fun game too.
Your brother is very talented. You must have a good deal of talent in your family, Sarah.
Oskar looks like a sweet dog and I'll bet he's smart if he's a poodle. They are one of the smartest breeds around!


Sonia ;) said...

Oh that is a very cool idea...I love the pictures...I didnt take any pictures like doob. Camera was not charged. UGH..Love the game too.


Anonymous said...

i have never heard of connect before. i love the tree against the sky. the smell of hyacinths is just divine, isnt it?

parallel-botany said...

Great photos! Bertie looks like a formidable foe, indeed.

I love your candle covers - candlefaces? I'd like to get some of those LED "safe" candles, but I have an enormous bag of tealights to be used up first.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - I got some of those led tealights for Christmas - they are great and now you have given me another idea for using them! Love, Anne

kendalee said...

Looks like you've had a lovely few days Sarah! Your drawings make delightful shades and I too enjoy the smell of hyacinths (they remind me that spring will eventually arrive...) I also love that red plate, good score! Hope your holiday continues lovely... :) k x

Rattling On said...

Love all the photos, especially Bertie! I've just bought my Mum some hyacinths- I love to look at them but can't have them in the house as they make me cough like a horse...

snoopydog said...

Bertie is gorgeous! I can see what you mean about those beautiful eyes of his. Lovely picture of Oskar too! We ended up playing games too. I love it! it's what makes Christmas for me... seeing family, lovely walks and playing games. Have a fun New Year. Ros

Brother Tobias said...

Oskar looks like a character...all elbows and requesting eyes. I like the lamps.

paula nerhus said...

I love those lamp shades! what a clever idea! Are you talking about the battery candles? I bought some ...they didn't give off much one noticed them! I hung them in glass candle holders in the window and they were lost....Maybe clear glass is not what I should use them with?????? Happy New year darling!

Candace said...

Great post, Sarah. Yeah, my cat always looks at me like, "Don't steal my silverware." Lovely lampshades, too.
Oskar is really gorgeous as well and I did love seeing the hyacinths.
Glad you had a good holiday! Happy New Year to you.

Janine said...

Great pics as usual! I love Bertie, reminds me of Fwed...we have chair battles. I am just now getting the nerve to move him although I hate to, he looks so cute and warm in my chair!

Love your candles faces and your sampling of sofas...very clever lol! You are fun!

I just realized that I have your link on my blog wrong and no wonder it doesn't work when I click on it! Will fix that right away!


Anonymous said...

Wow... what a great way to display your drawings! Bertie and Oskar are both cuties! Glad that you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

Rajesh said...

Fantastic artwork.
Wish you Happy & Prosperous New Year.