Tuesday, 30 June 2009


A little while ago Sonia gave me this award. Thanks Sonia!
Spiders make me scream along with loud noises and being made jump! I am more quiet than that when reading all my favourite blogs, but they might make me go ooh, aah or oh!
As usual with awards I never know who to pass it on to for fear of someone being left out, so here is today's crafty solution. (By the way-do you know what CRAFT syndrome is? I had never heard that until yesterday and then someone at work said it today-synchronicity!)
If you are reading and you would like to scream along with me and Sonia, then please take this Gourd Queen (I love that name!) and pass her on to whoever makes you scream!
Visit this link for a funny scary spider story! I love googling phrases!


Anonymous said...

what makes me scream? Slugs - especially the enormous black ones - you'll never find me gardening without gloves! and I hate when people creep up and give me a fright - why do they think it's funny! lastly, I have very tickly feet - you would think I was being murdered if anyone tickles them!!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that really makes me scream is a millipede. I usually don't mind bugs but it's something about all those legs that just freaks me out! That is a really cool award!

Sonia ;) said...

Basements and Attics scare me...too many scary stories when I was LIL...everyone always came out one or the other....

Sonia ;)

Anonymous said...

i scream at the slightest thing. haha!
love your new header!

Lynne said...

Hi Sarah, I had to take time out to have a think about what makes me scream Although I like them, it has to be frogs when they take me unawares. They jump before I've noticed that they're there.
I love the way you keep changing your header. I haven't even done one,yet!

Anairam said...

Hahaha - what a funny name for an award! Bad things that make me scream: definitely spiders, especially big hairy ones; mice (sorry, can't help it); cars that turn in front of me; an eye looking out from behind a cupboard door that is slightly ajar (you will only appreciate this last one if you saw the 70's movie Black Christmas). Good things that make me scream: the belated birthday present I got from my sister yesterday; meeting a good friend again after a couple of years apart ... PS I love your new header! What do you call those little cakes again? I still haven't decided on which of my photographs to use - none of them seem to work!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Congratulations on your award! :-)

Sarah said...

I have most enjoyed reading about what makes you all scream! Quite a few similarities there but we each have our own special scary thing.
Slugs-make me go yeuch but they are too slow to casue a scream! Andy becomes almost violent if his ticklish feet are even threatened!
Know what you mean about millipedes but I find them quite fascinating too.
Yes-basements and attics-it really annoys me when stupid people in films go down them-haven't they seen any films?!
Thanks Kamana! Sadly the real ones have gone now and the header is making me want more!
THanks Lynne! I love frogs and can pick them up in a completely brave manner! One once jumped into a quiche my brother in law was making and I had to rescue it. It died later though from to much egg I presume!
I love changing my header-once I discovered how easy it is.
Actually, mice make me scream too-not because they are horrible but they are so fast! I have seen that film-it is scary!
THe cakes are called Fondant Fancies, though I keep wanting to call them French Fondant Fancies as that sounds even nicer! They are not only pretty but delicious too-the yellow one is slightly lemony and the brown one slightly chocolatey.
Thanks Anne!

Poetikat said...

What makes me scream? Wasps, bees, beetles (big ones), millipedes, my image in the mirror first thing in the morning (just thought I'd slip that one in).