Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I have been trying, and failing, to make a doll based on 'air' as part of a challenge in the ADO group. I had what I thought was a good idea but could not make it like I saw it in my mind's eye. So last week I gave up on that one as it was just holding me up from doing anything. The poor half finished thing is in the back room and may one day be converted into another type of doll. I had another idea which was sparked by a beautiful perfume advert I saw. It is not very big here but if you google dior perfume balloon advert it will appear! I just love the colours and the image is perfect for 'air'. My first idea was based on a wire body and a mask and I was going to do whispy clothes from netting. I am going to keep the whispy clothes but have made a new doll to dress. Out of the few techniques I have tried, I like cloth bodies and I like painting the faces. Perhaps I should just stick with that for a while!

This is not a doll idea but it represents my balloon focus! I also am obsessively drawing rainbows at the moment. They are just so lovely and soothing to create and the kids are always drawing them.

This is as far as I have got, but after about four weeks of struggling with the other one, this one has appeared over three nights!

Face playing.

Eggheads. There is a quiz show in the UK called that and it is the most annoying one I have ever seen. It has a team of four 'eggheads' who are supposedly really clever-or at least have won lots of quizzes. They are all really pompous and always annoyingly beat the members of the public teams who are just not quite clever enough. Rant, rant. The Weakest Link is far superior!


Tracy said...

That Dior ad is so fun, so whimsical...And I like your take on it! The doll faces are very interesting to see--each with its own personality. Hope your other doll idea comes to fruition after a while...Sometimes taking a step back and taking the thing up later makes it all work out! Happy Day, Sarah :o)

steven mcvay said...

i also love hat advert, and yor doll looks lovely..

and about the comment you left on my blog... new york is amazing isnt it, and your correct, urban outfitters has dissapointed me before, when will i learn... hope yor well..x

Poetikat said...

We had a gameshow like that here, it was called "Beat the Geeks". You're right, they were annoying.

I'm confused. I don't get the "air" doll concept. Please explain to this dim-witted 48 year old brain. ha ha.


Where do I look again for the Mad Hatter do?

Anonymous said...

At last something we differ on - I can't bear to watch the Weakest Link!

Poetikat said...

I found the badge and signed up!


Anonymous said...

I love all of your drawings! You are just so talented.

Anairam said...

Can't wait to see the finished air doll - especially the clothes! I like your face drawings - it is still on my list for one of my "inserts". The Anatomy of Love was the first, the second one is called Found - all worked out but not finished yet - photos to go on my blog next week. I want to make the third one a series of painted faces. 48 of them! (I'll come back to your blog for some inspiration and advice!)

Sonia ;) said...

Im excited to see the design and doll as it comes along.

Love the AD too..

I always walk away and come back and see the art in a new light..

Sonia xoxox

Candace said...

That Dior advert is great. Again, it is amazing and funtastic to see how you advance as an artist. I see your style yet I see your further progression.
Wow, air would be difficult! Good luck and I can't wait to see end results.
Candace in Athens.x

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I love the peek into your journal where you are practicing your doll faces! So cool! :-)

Renee said...

What could be prettier than a handfull of balloons are a rainbow.

Sarah I met Wahid at a house party, he was the brother in law of a girl I worked with.

I can still see him, he is very handsome and had on a blue shirt and white pants (don't forget the white pants were okay because it was the 70s).


Sonia ;) said...

Come by my blog left you a Thank you..

Sonia ;)

Renee said...

I am so excited about the tea party tomorrow, I am sure it will be brilliant.

Speaking of tea party have you seen the promo for The Mad Hatter with Johnny Depp made by Tim Burton, looks amazing.

I don't know if it is called Mad Hatter though.


kendalee said...

It's just not time for that wire doll to be born yet. Perhaps when you go back to it in the future, it will be... Projects work like that sometimes, don't they? They will not be forced.

Love this cloth one though - definitely her time!

I can't watch either of those shows - they rile me in the worst way.