Saturday, 13 June 2009

Charity Shop Goodies and An Award

Today I had to go and rescue the lovely Raven I bought from Sonia from the post office. We then treated ourselves to a cafe breakfast in Gambardella's. I treated myself to a visit to the two local charity shops. The Cat's Protection League yielded the goodies today although Andy did get a Ken Hom cookery book from The British Red Cross. Lovely Laura Ashley chintz-it is very pretty chintz and at least a metre and a half-£1!
A golden hands patchwork and applique book-you might like this Anne! I want a patchwork shirt like this but sadly have not got the patience or skill to make one. The picture is just so summery.
I got a book about exploring the woodland-quite interesting but not very exciting pictures. Apart from one of a Jay with a very bouffant hairdo!
My favourite purchase though was a World Film Publications 1949 Preview. It has colour pictures of lots of actors of the day as well as articles and photo story strips from films. My favourite part was a section entitled 'The Stars Read The Book Of The Film'
I didn't scan that page though-just a few of the stars themselves. I love the colours in these old photos.
I saw a girl on the train today who looked just like this. (Rita Hayworth-not John McCallum!)
Love the dog tooth checks!
But look what they did to Kathleen!

Anne of Gaal Creative has kindly given me an award. Thanks Anne!
Anne makes beautiful cards, is a talented photographer and has just opened an Etsy shop. Go and visit her to find out more!
There are only two rules to follow with this blog award:
Post the award on your blog.
Pass it along to whomever you want.
As Anne said, the passing along part is hard-I love lots of blogs. The list is always getting bigger. I am going to choose a few.
4. The Dark Raven's Nest (Sonia mentioned above)
I could happily give everyone in my blog list this award really as I love all of them. I don't want anyone to feel left out which is the problem I have choosing only some of them! Indecisive Libra that's me! I love where else they might lead me too with all of their lists. Endless possibilities!
Back tomorrow for SSS!


Poetikat said...

I'm married to a Libra - he is the KING of indecision. Some of my best friends have been Libras. I guess that may be why we've clicked!

I loved your post. Have you seen the YouTube video called "Rita Hayworth Jumps in the Line"? Check it out; it's great!

Thanks so much for such a cool, pretty and fun award. I do appreciate it and will put it on display for a while before I pass it on.

Ta, Sarah.


Sonia ;) said...

Sarah...Oh how pretty...You found all kinds of goodies..I love old Hollywood Stars photography..I have Stamps with Old Stars..I found in a antique store..will scan and show ya one day...Im so relieved you Raven...I was a nervous wreck...Im glad a wonderful person has him...Thank you for the Award...I am honored and will post Tomorrow...Thank you sweetie..Hey did ya see my post about your visit to the Gardens...Ha Ha I want Miss Vita's Hair...

Sonia ;)

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Thank you for your kind words. The award looks good on your blog! Love the pretty chintz you found - what lovely colors! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I love the material you found.

steven mcvay said...

WOWZER im chuffed to accept your award.. thanks so much...

and i love the book you bought, i got a similar one at a car boot sale a few weeks back and someone had kindly applied red lips to all the black and white photos... vandals....

the projectivist said...

poor, poor Kat
still, she does look good with a beard and glasses and i think she could carry them off.

congrats on your award, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Yes - that's my kind of book! I too am a Libran (and our men are both from Northumberland!!) Congrats on the award - it's well-deserved!

Hey Harriet said...

Love all the goodies you scored! A big congrats on your well deserved award! Yeah it sure is hard to choose. I have difficulties. And hey I'm a Libran too! Takes me the longest time to decide which shoe to put on which foot first. Decisions...Aaaarrrgh! ;D

Renee said...

Sonia's birds are so wicked.


peggy gatto said...

Sonia passed on your lovely award to me. I am delighted to meet you and visit your place!!!
I am a hollywood fan of the "golden days"!