Sunday, 24 March 2013

White, Grey, Black and Yellow

Saturday morning.

 Saturday evening.

 Sunshine indoors as there is none outside.

Weird Spring!


Carole said...

Thank goodness for flower shops!

Tracy said...

I agree with Carole... The calendar says spring, it's definitely not spring here either. It's been such a long, cold winter. Seeing those happy, sunny yellow flowers lifted my afternoon. Thanks, Sarah :o) ((HUGS))

snoopydog said...

Glad to come across the beautiful yellow blooms at the end of your post! I've had enough now of all the black, white and grey:-) Ros

Anonymous said...

I laughed at "everyone knows your secret" ..... it reminded me of an incident in a book (can't remember which one) when one of the characters sent telegrams saying "flee, all is discovered", and waited to see who would do a runner!!
Super collection of photos!

Leenie said...

My sincere sympathies for all the gray weather. At least you have the bright blooms to soften the edges.

Anonymous said...

We are having unseasonably cold weather as well. I am beyond ready for some warm weather. Love the pictures!