Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Light Through the Window

Big and small dolls, windows, the same light shining on them all. One of the highlights of an otherwise fairly bad last few days. Last Thursday I began to get toothache in a tooth that has been bothering me, but that my dentist said was fine. The pain spread from my tooth to the whole right side of my face, neck and head,  and was, well, painful. So painful that I couldn't do much when it was bad. So on Friday I went to the doctors, got antibiotics (she thought it could be sinusitis, or arterial something or other, for which I got a blood test and for which I forgot to ring up for the results today-no time for my health I am afraid!), and stayed at home. Things didn't get much better over the weekend, but by Sunday it was mainly the tooth that was hurting. So back to the dentist yesterday to find out I have a cracked tooth which I will probably have to have out next week. The dentist found it by the magic power of light-the crack runs lengthwise, so didn't show up in the x-ray. If you shine a light through a tooth that is ok, it lights up the whole tooth. If there is a crack the light is refracted there and the other half of the tooth is dark. The dark half of the tooth. He gave me a mirror, and demonstrated the light trick, a useful one to know in case this happens again. The anti-biotics seem to be working and the tooth is back to its minorly painful self. I went back to work today and it was not a great day, apart from parents evening which was interesting. I rang one of my colleagues when I got home at 7, and we had a long chat about how we can change some of the things that are causing problems. Teaching is a great job but it is such hard work, and sometimes I just don't feel as if I can do it anymore, (I usually get over these feelings fairly quickly, but that is harder if I am feeling ill!) which is a good reason for having other things to do to take my mind off it. Taking photos of dolls and light being one of them! 
 This is the doll from the wool show. I just loved her sailor outfit. The stained glass is in the window now, and the doily makes a good curtain. The little brass cup and china plate are from my charity shop adventure in Beeston.
 Almost like a Dutch interior...
 Thinking of Halloween.
 I have a small collection of beautiful glass stoppers which are currently on the windowsill in the kitchen (the only windowsill we have in fact, so it is crowded mainly with plants) and I love the way they catch the light.

 The back room is going through yet another sort out, and the fox and girl were moved into a sunnier position. She is a big and weird purchase from Rochester quite a while ago now. Her face is beautiful I think. The Russian badge hat was a bargain from Rye, the metal dress not so much of a bargain from Greenwich market (it weighs loads-I can't imagine wearing it!) and her stick was a decorative tree type thing that I thought gave her the look of an explorer-exploring the mess in the back room! She was in our bedroom for a while but that was too disturbing!
 I have only just realised, looking at this picture, that the window has a star in it.


Jenny Woolf said...

Yes I have had a cracked tooth. Horrible. Lovely stained glass reflections.

Linda Sue said...

I am so sorry for your pain- that is terrible! Tooth pain takes over your whole brain!
You have the most delightful stuff ever! I love the pretty girl wearing the amazing hat! and of course the tattered little fox should be the star of a book, a film- wonderful!
Please stay well!

Leenie said...

I agree with Linda Sue. Sorry for the toothache. Most toothaches are unrelenting and seldom get better by themselves. Your decor is so fun and your window photos do look like paintings by Vermeer. Very nice.

Sonia Rodriguez said...

I love all the aspects of different lighting. Teaching is a very hard profession and not very recognized for all the hard work that does go into it. I love the lady but yes I would be a lil freaked out if she was in my bedroom staring at me LOL...xoxoox

Rattling On said...

I had a split tooth experience in Moscow, Russian dentist and an extraction. Unusual.
Teaching: what can I say? Sometimes I wish I was a mechanic or librarian!!