Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Matt Damon tells it as it is!

A speech Matt Damon gave at a Save Our Schools Rally in 2011. Heartwarming and heartfelt!
My friend shared this on facebook tonight and it is just perfect timing (though I wish I had seen it before!) as tomorrow the N.U.T. are meeting to demonstrate outside the Department for Education, against Michael Gove's ongoing attempts to destroy the education system of this country, with the utmost arrogance and the utmost disregard for the opinions of people who have a great commitment to children's education-teachers! Details of some of the reasons we are demonstrating in the links below. 


Leenie said...

Good, passionate teachers are priceless. I'm always boggeled by governments and administrations who miss this fact, who fail to fund education, or those who expect teachers to make students fit into test boxes instead of giving them opportunity to be creative and excited about learning.

Loved the speech by Mr. Damon. With a mom like he must have had no wonder he turned out so fine (and he's eye candy even without hair).

Sonia Rodriguez said...

Teachers are the reason our kids are educated. Without teachers and their human touch and caring our kids would have no compassion and humanity. Lifeless lil robots.

A.Smith said...

Catching up with you, a little bit at a time, and I wish I were younger and closer to march as I did in the days of my youth. I always claim that my badge of honor is to have been arrested for civil disobedience here. I am sure my ancestors must be very proud of me.

Beware of those who do not understand the power of education because they are the ones who in the future will end having to spend more money in jails than what they could spend today in schools and teachers.

Hugs from here, my dear Sarah.