Wednesday, 13 March 2013

An Evening Stroll

Even if the protests go unheard and certainly unmentioned on the evening news, the evening was worth while for being able to stroll about some lovely London streets. A quick summary in pictures below!
 The underpass under the A2 near our house is a top spot for some interesting graffiti. It is always swiftly removed by the council, so take a picture quick or it will be gone! I used to be able to do a Rubik's cube-my sister taught me a fail safe, by rote method, and I found it most satisfying, but learned nothing from it! I can still remember the lovely creaky noise they made as you turned them.
 Westminster Abbey.
 Meeting up with the marchers-we didn't quite make it to the rallying point for five o'clock, so met them coming down Victoria Road, heading for Great Smith Street where the DfE has its offices.
 Old and new buildings.
 My friend smiling despite the weird blustery, freezing snowy weather that whipped up as we were marching.
 Snow, bus and beautiful (but blurry) arched entrance to somewhere-1875 was the date over the arch I think.
 Our local NUT branch banner.
 Angry but reasonably polite teachers! There were a few speeches, and some quite restrained chanting.
 Melvyn Bragg, who I got in the way of at a crossing. (Not intentionally of course!)
 Beautiful reflections.  

 Cyclists ready to beat the traffic at a crossing by Westminster tube.
  A snippet of the inside of Westminster tube-one of my favourite stations because of its futuristic film set feel. I can just imagine a great chase/fight/James Bond type scene on those huge pipes-though you would have to be a brave stunt person with a wire on to do it!


Relyn Lawson said...

I love blog posts with walks. It's such fun to see the glimpses of where friends live. Here is one of the walks I photographed one day last year:

We live in quite different places, don't we?

Tracy said...

GREAT images, Sarah... the aliveness of London captured so well! Just now surfacing after 2 weeks+ I've been down with flu & migraines--slowly mending. Fist chance I've had to post and visit friends. So great to catch up with you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Rattling On said...

Just reading your description on data inputting. Made me laugh (in a solidarity kind of way)as we have similar issues. Which system are you on?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I always love seeing the old buildings.