Friday, 8 March 2013

Just Cat Cuteness

I never cease to be happy to see my beautiful cats looking beautiful or cute or both, and take endless pictures of them. Cassie is quite good at not moving. Tiger always comes towards the camera, wanting a fuss, and Lily, if she sees me coming, runs away. I can get her with my phone, but the big camera, with its moving lens just freaks her out! All these are phone pictures.

 Lily kept me company when I felt ill last week. We sat around with the fire on and she was very happy so didn't worry about the photos!
 Cassie loves to sit on the lap-top. I suppose it is warm, and also she is in front of, or on top of what I am doing, so I can't do it anymore,  and must look at her and do whatever it is she wants, either fuss or, more often, treats!
 I have included this doodly i-phone drawing, because it reminds me of Cassie's face.


Sonia Rodriguez said...

LOL...they have such personality without even seeing them in motion. The doodle is so cute also. Love your flowers.


andamento said...

Lovely cat photos, lovely cats - I do like tabby cats, my first ever cat was a tabby with white paws but he didn't live very long, we had him less than a year.
I like the little peeks into your world in the backgrounds to the photos too.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Snickers is the same way with cameras. He tolerates the phone and point & shoot. But if I bring my big camera out, he hides.