Sunday, 10 March 2013

Saturday Lunch

Today (Sunday) is Mother's Day, so yesterday we popped down to see my Mum with some flowers and tasty biscuits but no real plan. I didn't tell her as I wanted it to be a surprise, and telling people spoils that whole surprise thing! As we turned into my Mum's road, my brother, with my Mum in the passenger seat, was just turning out. A few minutes later and we were all in my car heading for Headcorn a few miles away for lunch. 
We popped into a little flea market in a Methodist hall (rebuilt 1870) before going to the cafe.
Headcorn is full of lovely old houses. The one above is called Shakespeare House and was built some time in the 16th Century. The one below is called Headcorn Manor.

I love the front of this greengrocers.
The witch flew above us as we ate. We have had a good weekend for lunches out, because we also had a lovely roast dinner in Greenwich today in the pub. Then a look around the market, then home to get warm as it is freezing out there! There are two large clumps of spawn in the pond today. I want to take some to school this week to show the children, but I will not keep it there as it seems cruel. I will take some tadpoles back in the same way-if any survive the freeze! I am not in class tomorrow though so it will have to wait until Tuesday. In the morning I am working with one of the management team to input my tracking data from the last two terms, (because the school has taken on a new data management system) which comprises of 36 children multiplied by 18 pieces of information twice. (1296 pieces of info), which then needs to be changed into a number not a descriptor (so for example emerging in the 22-36 age related expectations (22-36 e) becomes a 1 or whatever it is.) My tracking summaries are handwritten, since the NUT told us we do not have to comply to school based tracking forms (if they involve re-inputting your already existing data-which they did), so it is a case of me reading out the data and the other person putting it in. There are numerous preparations that could have been done to make this mind numbingly boring process quicker, had I been given the information I asked for a couple of weeks ago (basically about the code and the order of the children) but I wasn't, so it won't be. Can you tell how excited I am about this?! Then, in the afternoon, to round off the day, I have got PPA, but am going to the dentist so as not to have any more time off. My tooth will be filled or removed. Neither of these processes are thrilling prospects.
So, roll on Tuesday I say!


Linda Sue said...

Oh dear, I hope your tooth can be saved! Losing teeth has a domino effect...Headcorn is one of the funniest names EVER! Beautiful little village - fabulous garlic at the GG. Mother's day isn't until May here though it should be EVERYDAY!
Such tedium -school process- silly waste of time it seems. It is sort of springtime here though one never knows for sure- could be a trick!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Good luck with everything Sarah! I work on a 'tomorow, this will be over' principle although I don't envy your trip to the dentist. I suggest rewarding yourself the next day with another meal! Lots of love helen xx

Sarah said...

Thanks Linda Sue and Helen!

snoopydog said...

Oh my goodness!!! DATA....... ggggrrrrrrrrrr!!! Good job you had such a pleasant weekend. Good luck at the dentist. I always feel so smug with myself and on an absolute high when I came out of our dental practice. Ros

Jenny Woolf said...

What a nice day, and Headcom looks like a nice place. I have never heard of it, or if I did perhaps I thought it was an internet company or something - it sounds like one, doesn't it :D

Leenie said...

What delightful places to visit. I love all that architecture and the fresh produce. So sorry about the mind-numbing job. Being efficient and doing what you're paid to do are not always the same. >8(
Best wishes for saving that tooth without too much misery.

Oh, and you are such a cool teacher to be willing to teach your students about frogs and tadpoles without getting all squeemish.

Sonia Rodriguez said...

I love the architecture and history of where you live. Every post makes me envy me you lol. Im sorry your tooth is bothering you. I hope it feels better. I also hope all works out with the school school preparations.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous old buildings! The data thing sounds like bureaucratic nonsense to me. Hope the dentist went well!

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking place! I'm glad that you spent a nice Mother's Day with your Mom. I hope all went well at the dentist!