Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Eggstravagant Eggs!

I am officially sick of crocheting eggs. The eggstreme compulsion I felt is now eggshausted. I have two more to eggsecute and that will be 120, plus one Eggstravagant sized egg ( the throwing egg- the 'if you must throw them then throw this one' egg. ) I wanted to do 150 to fill five trays of 30 but no, the boredom has become overriding. I will have a little colour and photography fun at the weekend then take them in neggst week.
I can use the spare trays to present their Easter egg hunt eggs-they will be hunting tokens rather than the real things as the possibilities for dirty, sandy eggs are too great! Roll on Easter!


Carole said...

120 crocheted Easter eggs are awesome! 120....120....probably more eggs than the Easter Bunny ever crocheted!

Linda Sue said...

That is insane! Even a wool bunny could not pull that off! You must be their god!

Sarah said...

Yes I do question my sanity at times! I have your little Easter bunnies in the cupboard(my cupboard of wonderful things that I get out to brighten up dull learning objectives) all ready to be a bunny number line next week!