Monday, 11 March 2013

Scribbly Animations

A new app on my phone called 'scribble it'. Black, red and blue pen, eraser and that is it. I was looking for a simple drawing tool. There are lots of complicated ones with endless features, but I quite like this one and the chalk board one I found. Slide show on the phone is good to see what happens, and then I used Picasion to make these silly animations. I know that in terms of animation they are not the most impressive thing, but I find them amusing. Like flicker books that I used to enjoy making.
picture to animation
Eyes left to right.

gif creator
Girl smiling.

picture to animation
Man getting angry.

gif creator

Single line drawings.
It is a different way to draw, in that you can't really see what is happening under your big, clumsy finger, so the drawings are done more by feel than sight. It would be better on an i-pad, but I have not got one of those!

P.S. The dentist went well. He is a very nice man and I enjoy visiting weirdly enough. He decided to try filling it after much scraping and prodding which didn't hurt at all after three injections. The only thing that did hurt was the third injection in the roof of my mouth! He had a very amusing consultation with one of his fellow dentists, then put in some antibiotic paste, and some extra sticky filling so the tooth will hold together. Then he filed the tooth down a bit so I won't bite on it so much. He stressed that it was an attempt and may not work, but I have faith! Thanks for all the good wishes!


Carole said...

These drawing are so much fun, Sarah! Your angry man with his angry brows makes me chuckle. Thanks.
Glad to hear your dentist was amused and came up with a fix for you.
My dentist has very small hands and likes to chat a lot but I still don't like visiting him!

Sonia Rodriguez said...

Im glad your dentist visit went well. I had my first filling last year..Its still there thank goodness. I love the animations...I love the scribble one as I scribble all the time..very cool to watch it start as nothing to a solid mass of black. I am easily amused now a days.

elizabeth said...

What fun these are!
Yet another lovely creative tool to play with.
Raining here!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, goodie. I like hearing about fun new apps.