Friday, 8 February 2013

Tyger, Tyger and Other Things

I quoted Blake at the children covering the tiger this morning, only slightly wrongly. Nothing immortal about this one's creators though! They did a great job covering him in papier maché bandages, and were largely left  alone to do it-with not too much glue anywhere other than where it should be, and hardly any arguments! Love them! We are going to give him a base coat of paint on Monday, and then hand him over to the other class to put his stripes on and make his face.  

 Our small world table for today. I love small world play-even the name is perfect! 
 Daffodil hair-the new look for Spring!


Leenie said...

That is going to be one cool tiger when he earns his stripes. You'll have to post a photo when he gets on his feet.

I love to see what happens when kids are turned loose with dolls and imagination. That is a great set of toys. Love the daffodil hair. Maybe spring will come after all.

busybusybeejay said...

That looks a fun project.I love small world play.We still have the dolls house that my OH made for our daughter when she was small.Last Sunday she was over at our house and our grandchildren Emily(7) and Ruby(5) spent ages playing with it.They were completely lost in their little play world.

snoopydog said...

Oh wow! Great tiger on the way. Love the small world insight. I love visiting our little ones at school and investigating the goings on in the small world area. Have a good week. Yay, it'll be half-term. It couldn't come soon enough for me, even though it's been a really short one. Ros

Tracy said...

The tiger is amazing already, Sarah! Very fun here today... and LOVE the daffodil hair! :o) Happy Valentine Week ((HUGS))