Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Playing with small cats and chairs. 
 And a couple of rabbits. 
 Today we started to make a large tiger model from recycled rubbish. I worked with a smallish group of children, and together we solved the problems that arise when you are trying to make cardboard look tigerish. I love to do this kind of thing and get really excited as we make progress. I will take pictures to show. I also tidied out a cupboard with the help of my year group partner,  where some art stuff was basically dumped at the start of our occupation and then left. It is a sink too, and now the lunchtime children can use it to wash their hands and faces after their lunch. Doesn't sound much but means I won't be teaching chocolate covered children until I find them a babywipe.
 So a little play with small things is my reward. Followed by some magazine and old sewing book reading. And food. And bed. Then off to make that tiger.


E Wix said...

So very charming!

Tera said...

I love your mini scenes!