Thursday, 14 February 2013

This Week

 This week has been a long one. Last week sped by but this one has always been a day behind what it feels like. It hasn't been a bad week so I don't know why it has seemed like this. I have been at work late every night and I usually get away at a reasonable time on at least one night a week. We have had lots of meetings and various deadlines so it has been productive. The children have had a good time outside, using sand for absolutely everything from feeding babies, to making cakes, and even as a snowball today. I banned that activity saying 'it's not snow'. 'It is!' came the reply (and it did stick to the wooden fence in the same kind of way as the snow on Monday) The sand is everywhere, but the mess has been well worth it for the language and imagination displayed. We have had a variety of weather, from snow on Monday to warmish sunshine today. One of the boys said he didn't like sunshine. When I asked why he said 'Because it gets in my eyes'. There was a shower then a rainbow this morning which made everyone outside very excited.
We have made Valentine's cards, then this morning Andy sent me flowers at work, and it made me cry! I was so surprised and it was such a sweet thing to do. When Anne from the office brought them in I was on the carpet with the children. We were about to have a quiz where they could win their last few WOW beans to earn their biscuit decorating party, when she came in saying she had a present for me. I thought it was the box-as I am always getting exciting boxes and packaging from the office,  to use in the classroom. I asked if it was the box and soon found out it wasn't! The children seemed fine with me crying. I think they knew I was happy rather than sad. I got my phone out and rang Andy so they could speak to him-it was a bit of a free for all and noisy phone call but it was good natured!
 Big clouds at lunchtime.
After lunch when we were outside again, our headteacher appeared in the playground with a box. He went to the other member of staff outside first, then came over to where I was sitting with one of the children on my lap. (She had been having a bad afternoon and I was giving her a cuddle.) The box turned out to be a box of chocolates (which this child thought were for her and which did set her off again when she found out they weren't) But no-he explained that today was St Valentine's day, a day on which men give ladies chocolates! I thought it was a sweet thing to do. I hope he gave the male staff a chocolate too though-equal rights for all!  
 This is the tiger on Wednesday. We delivered him to the other nursery class on Monday with a special tiger handing over ceremony (which involved saying 'Here is the tiger, Grrrr!!!'). They have been busy adding his stripes, face and tail. I can't wait until he is finished to show you!  It has worked out quite well the way we worked together on this project. We have separate rooms which is good in many ways but not always. We are going to display the tiger in the shared area outside the classrooms, so that the whole school can see it. We are proud-grrrr!!!
 I am always surprised by the snowdrops. I don't know why because I know they are there, but somehow I forget. It is only a tiny patch which does not seem to get bigger, but is reliable. I loved the white with the purple of the violet in the background. I must do more gardening this year as I have really let it go. I am not sure if the chamomile will survive as it looks very stringy. I will add some compost in the Spring and hope it sends out side shoots.
This is a stalk of the Dogwood. It is not a very big plant, and is more or less hidden under a honeysuckle, but the stalks that do show look brilliant against the dark green background of the shed and the ivy.


→lisa said...

Aw, that's so sweet that you got flowers delivered to you in class. I love that the children got to talk to Andy afterwards, even if it was kind of chaotic.

Tracy said...

LOVE to you, Sarah! Flowers wonderful! The tiger is looking a magnificent beast. :o) ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

Oh dear, nothing worse than having a shit day, finally getting to rock on a lovely lap, being delivered chocolate only to realize that the gift is not for you...Oh poo! Glad that your day was all valentiney and that you were so well thought of (but of course)- Every day ought to be Valentines day, earth day and mother's day- ought, I say!!!

Anonymous said...

I am your newest follower! Love the pictures.

Leenie said...

Tiger looks grreat! I'm excited to see him when he gets a face. Congrats to your Sweetheart for sending flowers. Thanks for the preview of spring flowers. Still deep snow here.

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Regine Karpel said...

Lovely post!

Anairam said...

Ooooh! You are one lucky girl - flowers AND chocolates, and from 2 different people! I, sadly, got nothing, nada,zilch. No amount of hinting seems to do the trick. Well, I have to add that I also didn't get L'Usband something, because I know if I did, he would have felt guilty or bad, and that isn't good!